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stop and start routines and rituals!!!

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mysonben Tue 25-Aug-09 22:34:05

DS is 3.9 and mild asd. Last week we had my mum and dad visiting for the week.
Last time Nanny was here ,back in april DS went berserk with some of his routines (especially the bathroom/toilet one), and he was very hyper the whole time she was there.

This time, DS wanted nanny to look after him, dress him, make his milkshake, ...he sat nicely and cuddled grandad while watching tv, he ate most of his diners without much fuss,... and he just stopped his rituals! shock

No more routines with the toilet, the doors , the lights, the stairgates, things that must be done this way or that way, absolutely no tantrums if nanny put the 2 chocolate powder spoonful into his bottle instead of him,...
DH and i were gobsmacked! He was like a totally different child!
My mum even said " he doesn't act as if he has asd at all! Only his speech is letting him down really."

I felt like a fraud, i'm always on the phone telling her DS does this or that.

Of course today, 1st day since they left to go back home, ds 's routines , rituals and challenging ways are back in force! hmm

I just can't understand it.

konika30 Tue 25-Aug-09 23:57:13

Just enjoy it!

sodit Wed 26-Aug-09 08:33:28

ds1 is alot like that some more autismic (to steal a phrase sorry cant remember whose )days than others and the autismic days seem to be lessening. But it is still the speech letting him down. as the previous poster said enjoy them.

jasdox Wed 26-Aug-09 11:03:13

Sounds they had a lovely time. I think it's fairly common for ASD children to act differently in different situations - Jekyl and Hyde syndrome. I also think Aspies are good at fooling people about how social they really are. The theory is that he's stressed but he internalizes it, and then just falls apart when it is over.

mysonben Wed 26-Aug-09 11:24:33

Yes that's the feeling i got, he held it together for a week and yesterday was pretty bad, with ds 's rituals back in full swing, he even trew a couple of tantrums over things he hadn't done in a long time, he had to be the one who opened and closed the front garden gate (this used to be part of his leaving the house ritual), and while at the park he just kept harrassing this girl asking her the same question about a car until she left.

Today not too bad so far but he is insisting on watching the same dvd...3rd time already! I know it will be bad in 20 mins when i turn it off. Also his echolalia is pretty awful today.

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