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ds1 first visit to the child psychologist

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cheesesarnie Tue 25-Aug-09 21:06:17

yesterday we saw a behavioural psychologist.i didn't know what to expect at all but was pleasantly surprised.
he got ds1 to do all sorts of tasks such as drawing a person,doing a jigsaw etc and general chatting.

he says in his opinion ds1 isn't autistic(as the school senco had suggested) but said he was a 'very confusing case' because he lacked maturity at various levels in different things.
i now don't know how to treat ds1.hes 8 but the psychologist said some of his behaviour is 3-4 years.he wasn't very interested in his dyslexia but very interested in his speech and language difficulties.

hes now getting an educational psychologist involved.

I'm not sure what to make of it all!the family support worker is due tomorrow so will discuss it with her but there's no one in real life that quite understands!to them he is a naughty,occasionally frustrated little boy.

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