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Clothes pulling

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chuckeyegg Tue 25-Aug-09 16:17:04

My DS is 2.9 and has language delays and other problems. He has developed the habit of pulling other childrens clothes sometimes quite roughly or touching their hair. He pulls them towards him not in an aggressive way, I think because he can't communicate verbally he tries to this way. The children don't want it, which is understandable. I take him away from the stituation immediately and tell him no. I think it's isolating him more and more.

I dread taking him to places where there are other children, I never get to talk to any of the other mothers because I'm watching him like a hawk. I've stopped arranging to meet friends with babies or children. I have noticed other children are nervous of him and don't include him at all.

Feel very sad about the whole stituation, can anyone give me any wisdom.

Jo5677 Tue 25-Aug-09 16:47:55

Hi,was just about to sign of when i saw this. I have a son with speech and language problems who is 7. He does similar to what you mentioned and it is difficult to get him to understand that it's not apropriate. He goes to mainstream school though and they've been very supportive. He also goes to 'mainstream' activities after school. These things are helping him see how others interact,also his brothers and sisters will tell him no,which re inforces the message to him. We've spent a lot of time teaching him about eye contact.
I can totally understand and sypmpathize with what you said about dreading taking him places and not getting to talk to other Mums because of having to watch him.
I'm afraid i can't offer much wisdom but as you said you feel sad about the situation i just wanted you to know that i've been there too and still find myself there now and again as well as each year theres been variations on his behaviour we've had to try and deal with.
I wish you all the best and hope with a little bit of time you find things get better x

chuckeyegg Tue 25-Aug-09 23:37:01

Thanks Jo for your reply.


sodit Wed 26-Aug-09 12:17:20

ds1 is 3 he does the same thing but is being taught to try and take people by the hand. He wants to play with them but cant tell them that he will also try and tickle someone to get them to chase him. But at least with the hand pulling other children dont seem to mind it as much and ds1 seems to be starting to understand if they pull their hand away they dont want to play.

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