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HELP needed quickly please

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proudestmummyever Sat 22-Aug-09 15:10:36

Hi, I am back, well Jack is nw on topamax 40mg at night and 7mls nitrazepam at night and also melatonin 7mls at night, but last night my mum mistook Jack's old keppra(which he hasn't bn on for a couple of mnths) bottle for melatonin last night Jack had 7ml's nitrazepam, 40mg Topamax and 7mls keppra INSTEAD of melatonin, so I called the ward last night who sed they would not be overly concerned but to keep an eye on him thru the night, if breathing changed, then to call ambulance, and they thought it very unlikely he would fall unconscious, he was incredibly hyper, but fell asleep at 12.00am approx. But today just not hmself, really mum has bn soo upset, blaming herself etc, but could've bn anyone of us who did it

Anyway, how long will it take for Jack to get Keppra outta hs system, he had it at 9pm last night . Thanku

daisy5678 Sat 22-Aug-09 17:05:44

I would ask a doctor or NHS Direct.

proudestmummyever Sat 22-Aug-09 22:48:20

He should have had it out his system by nw, but still drowsy, but meds were upped on wed, so I have downed it again xx

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