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How are the diets going?

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Ellie4 Thu 20-Aug-09 12:18:46

I know there were a few others who started a GF/GFCF diet a few months back and I was wondering how you were gettng on? We have been GF since May and are now going to introduce it to see if there is any difference. We also took out casein for a short while but there was no difference in behaviour when we took it out or put it back in. There have been improvements since May but obviously we won't know if it was the GF or not till we put it back in.
Have to add I was in the UK on holiday a while ago and what a lot of choice there is for GF foods. Admittedly it is mostly eye-wateringly expensive but at least there is the option to buy it if neccessary. Oh and the bread envy- yes its cack compared to normal bread but boy what an improvement on what we get here. Here it can ONLY be eaten toasted otherwise it will have disintegrated before you've even finished spreading it with butter.

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