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A while ago I asked for some advice follow up

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happymerryberries Sat 28-May-05 09:29:51

A while ago I asked for some advice re a class where I caught someone calling a kid a 'spaz' (sorry). I got them all to do the research into a variety of special needs yesterday, blindness, deafness and CP.

they were magnificent and I was so proud of them. It was the last lesson of the last day of term and they worked so hard.

Also found that one of the girls has a sibling with ds, so she was the team leader looking into Makaton and BSL.

It was such a positive outcome for the whole class, and all down to your excellent advice.

Many, many thanks

Jayzmummy Sat 28-May-05 10:02:01

Fanbloodytastic. You should be commended on your positive approach....just wish all teachers would have the same attitude.

Hulababy Sat 28-May-05 10:22:01

Well done to you and your class hmb.

I had all on battles over the use of that word at my last school. I spoke to heas of ears and the deputy head, and no one would take it further. Bet if it had be a racist comment they would have. Made me very cross that I seemed to be on my own battling the pupils with it.

So well done!

eidsvold Sat 28-May-05 10:36:49

brilliant idea and glad you had such a positive outcome.

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