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Floortime (PLAY project) workshop - London 5 Oct

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grumpyoldeeyore Wed 19-Aug-09 11:22:09

I saw this workshop advertised for 5 October in London and thought others might be interested? The PLAY project do training on Floortime in USA.
see or link from PLAY project website

Also have ongoing workshops with local Floortime therapist but unfortunately we don't live near enough to go to those, but might make a trek to see the PLAY project guy. She doesn't seem to be on Greenspan's list of qualified DIR therapists though. Wish I could send all of DS's nursery carers on the 2 day professionals workshop!

Chelle0505 Fri 28-Aug-09 02:10:14

I am also interested in floortime training as I missed the one in May.

saintlydamemrsturnip Fri 28-Aug-09 08:08:16

Thanks for posting this!

Whose the local one? One of the UK ones has a married/maiden name confusion which confused me for a long time! (Doesn't take much).

staryeyed Fri 28-Aug-09 13:18:16

I would be interested in these but I cant find any information on the website about how much they cost. Does anyone know?

grumpyoldeeyore Sun 30-Aug-09 20:30:53

Sorry try this link the workshop is in Tower Hamlets in London.
If you click the pdf about Dr Solomon of Play Project the details come up.
The ongoing sessions are run by Sibylle Janert who says she is PLAY project trained, again in conjunction with Tower Hamlets LEA it seems.
I've posted info from the flyer
Its free if you live in Tower Hamlets or £20 if not (parents only go the first day the other days are for professionals)
Its all on the reachingautism website under find out more + training:

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
with Mindbuilders are proud to welcome
Dr. Rick Solomon, Author of 'The P.L.A.Y. Project', USA
Play and Language
for Autistic Youngsters
Mon. 5th - Wed. 7th October 2009
Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6AB
PLAYis a child-centred early autism intervention approach to empower parents/professionals to develop
communication through play, build relationships and help parents become their child's best PLAY-partner.
Who Should Attend:Anyone living or working with autism, including Parents/Carers and Professionals
Mon. 5th Oct. 10am-3pm: Introductory PLAY-Workshop (with video examples)
For parents and anyone who is interested in learning effective, low cost, efficient and fun ways to provide
intensive early autism intervention for young ASD-children to help them gain language and social skills.
Tue. 6th + Wed. 7th Oct. 9am - 4.30pm: 'Watch and Learn' (with video examples)
2-day-workshop for professionals wanting to deepen their understanding of Functional Developmental Levels
and PLAY, who attended Introductory Workshop on Monday or have previous knowledge (by agreement).
Mon. 5th + Wed. 7th Oct. 4 - 6pm: Twilight PLAY-Workshops (with video examples)
For teaching staff (including SENCOS, TAs) and others who could not come to the Introduction on Monday.
Dr. Rick Solomon, Developmental-Behavioural
Paediatrician and medical director of the PLAY-Project,
has been diagnosing and treating children with autistic
spectrum disorders for over fifteen years. PLAY-Home
Consultants train and support parents to provide child-centred
intervention at home using play to guide their children in
developing language and social skills. By training
parents to be their child's best PLAY-partner, the child can
receive intensive high quality intervention every day.
Sibylle Janert is the only PLAY-Home Consultant in
the UK and the author of several publications on autism.
She is the director of MindBuilders, a small independent
organisation that has been working in partnership with
parents of young children with autistic or similar challenging
behaviours through coaching, training-groups and
home-consultations for over 10 years in Tower Hamlets
and elsewhere.

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