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twins with autisim

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maxnatmum Wed 14-May-03 21:43:26

hi i have twin boys aged 3 who are going through the statementing process starting nursery school in september might have to go to a special needs school with kids who have a severe disability not sure if this would be good for the boys any advice thanks

maxnatmum Wed 14-May-03 21:48:23

hi i have twin boys aged 3 who are going through the statmenting process starting nursery school in september but might have to go to a special needs school with kids who have severe disabilities not sure if this would be good for the boys any advice thanks

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 21:50:11

Keep posting maxnatmum ... I don't have any advice for you but I think Jimjams is the expert in this field ..

Jimjams ... where are you? You are needed!!!!

maxnatmum Wed 14-May-03 22:02:23

hi thanks for that anyone else got twins with autisim

Ghosty Wed 14-May-03 22:38:49

Just bringing this up to the top so that Jimjams might see it ... when she logs on ...

lou33 Thu 15-May-03 00:41:01

Jimjams has one son with autism and is going through the statementing process now, so she should be able to help. I don't think there is anyone else in exactly your situation though maxnatmum. Jimjams is usually around most days , although I haven't noticed her today.

My son has cp and will probably start statementing late summer ready for nursery. Do you want general advice about statementing or more specifically related to autism?

Jimjams Thu 15-May-03 09:47:47

sorry it was ds1's birthday yesterday so we were busy busy.

DS1 was 4 yeserday- autistic- he's been statemented at the moment. he's starting school in september and will be going to a mainstream with full time one to one help (haven't received the proposed statement yet- but believe me he won't be setting fut through the door without full time one to one).

Where on the spectrum are you boys? DS1 has language but is effectively non verbal as his speech is so poor- he'll be using PECS at school. The school he'll be attending is outside our LEA- I heard it was good with SEN and found the SENCO brilliant. I hope it will work out. THere are advanatages and disadvanatages to manstream/special school and it kind of depends on the children. WOuld you rather your boys went to SLD or mainstream? Or is MLD a possibility?

There is someone who posts on UKparents who has twin boys with autism- but I haven't been on there for ages. I think she started a group on MSN.

And welcome

Jimjams Thu 15-May-03 09:48:59

can't spell today sorry- just about to dash off and look at our local school- don't want ds1 to go there- but have to have looked at it in case I get into funding row with LEA. Boring boring boring!

lou33 Thu 15-May-03 09:57:11

Happy birthday to your ds Jimjams, did he enjoy himself?

Jimjams Thu 15-May-03 12:23:34

He had a great day lou! I was pleased as birthdays can be a bit upsetting iykwim.

The school was much nicer than I thought it would as well. Just too big for ds1, and lots of funding problems.

lou33 Thu 15-May-03 13:26:52

I'm pleased Jimjams, I do know what you mean. I was very upset when ds turned 2 in Feb, it was a reminder of how behind he was compared to others his age.

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