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melatonin tablets

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othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 16:00:51

Today is the day we have finally got Tom's prescription for his melatonin and I am SO excited!!! I'm really hoping they'll work and that for the first time in years he'll go to sleep at a "normal" time for a 5 yo instead of 2.30am.

The problem is, I expected it to be a medicine that he could easily swallow or hide in a drink or something, but it's tablets. How do I get him to take them? He's already said that he'll spit it out, and tbh I think 5 is a bit young to be able to swallow a tablet.

How do you manage to give your kids tablets? It says on the information sheet that they are to be swallowed whole and not crushed or cut in two.

The tablets are called circadin 2mg.

Please help!

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 16:50:20

you need to get the prescription change to wither the liquid or capsules.
what I did for the couple of days we had tablets is I crushed them and gave them to her in yoghurt, she wasn't keen, but it still worked.

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 17:10:47

Thanks for your reply. Would I have to get it changed at the doctor's or would the chemist be able to change it for me?

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 17:19:42

the doctor has to do it, the capsules are no licenced, so there is a form that has to be filled in(my chemist said) but see if you can get the liquid, it is sooooooo much easier.
use the tablets though, they will work and you will get slllllllleeeeeeeeep.
(dd has insomnia due to a drug she is on, melatonin has given me back my sleep)

bubblagirl Tue 18-Aug-09 17:22:52

im so glad you have finally got it i would be a walking zombie without it and ds is so much better on it crush it and give with some yoghurt i know many people that dot his ds was just given liquid when they gave his so not sure how you change it i guess if you crush it and doesnt take to it get back in contact with who prescribed and ask for change in script

but good luck really hope you get the rest you deserve

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 18:43:35

Cheers everyone!

Right I phoned the gp and they said to try him on the tablet tonight and if he won't take it then to return them to the surgery tomorrow and they'll issue a prescription for the liquid.

I did phone the chemist first though, to see if they could just change it over and the pharmacist said you can't get it in liquid form. I argued the toss with him and he agreed that you CAN get it, but they have to make it up, and it costs about £300 - £400 a bottle!!!
No wonder they gave him tablets then!

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 18:52:04

tell the doctor he wouldn't take it(even if he does,)

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 18:52:32

the one we have is callled Kidnap

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 19:01:04

hehehe grin

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 20:35:17

OMG!!! He actually just swallowed it NO PROBLEMO!!! shock grin

Fingers crossed that it works now.

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 21:24:22

oh good
did it work??

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 21:54:00

Well it's all quiet upstairs but I daren't go and check on him in case he's still awake and starts asking me questions about what the bees in Afghanistan look like or telling me about the cave he's going to live in when he's 18.

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 21:55:03

I know the feeling, all quiet here, we whisper a lot

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 22:05:24

OMG!! Just popped my head round his door and HE IS ASLEEP!!!!! grin

This is probably the earliest he's ever gone to sleep in his whole 5 1/2 years of life! Normally it's well after midnight, and very often after 2am.

I am in shock. I think a bottle of champagne is in order - but neither me or dh actually really likes champagne. Might celebrate with a bottle of nice red though grin

Therevchasesducks Tue 18-Aug-09 22:14:29

I ma sooooooo pleased to hear that

othermother Tue 18-Aug-09 22:18:59

Thankyou grin

I'm chuffeder than a chuffed thing myself right now!

bubblagirl Wed 19-Aug-09 08:31:10

you can tweek his bedtimes to suit now as melatonin induces tiredness so if you want him asleep for 8 give around 7.30 if 8.30 give at 8 and you will then have whole evenings and it it's supposed to help kick start a bed time routine ds goes any time between 6-7-8 i have to give it before he gets over tired otherwise takes ages to take where as if i bring on tiredness now his asleep within 15 mins

im so happy it worked for you well done lovely feeling

LyonMum Mon 17-Oct-11 15:00:42

Ive been prescribed the same for DS2 but theres lots on the internet about not enough research as to whether its ok for under 18's? I use it but I still feel as though we are just being tried out! Melatonin has always been prescribed until recently.....

cansu Mon 17-Oct-11 17:31:07

i have liquid form (kidnaps) for ds1 and tablets for dd2 (circadin). Doc told me that though it said to take them whole she could not see any problem with crushing so I do and I mix in dd2's milk. They will tell you liquid is too expensive but if you are struggling dig your heels in. Ds1 will absolutely not swallow crushed or whole tablets so has the liquid form. I think that it is cheaper to give him liquid melatonin than have to treat me for my inevitable nervous breakdown if he is awake every night!

LaDolcheRyvita Tue 18-Oct-11 11:30:28

My son aged ten had/has these. 10 mg tab. I give him half a tab when he really needs it. When he had a whole one (he's tiny) it didn't so much enhance sleep, as just make his eyes roll and pass out!! Now, he has to take Prozac for his OCD and I give the Melatonin if he's distressed and cannot settle.

It works and it did help him to get into a regular sleep pattern. He has ASD (high functioning), OCD with Tourettes style verbal tics but thankfully, no swearing.

LaDolcheRyvita Tue 18-Oct-11 11:41:31

Oooops! Not 10 mg tabs.....2mg tabs. So, effectively, getting just 1mg.

I crush it in a little pestle & mortar and mix with fromage frais.

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