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have you dx yourself after dc

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jasdox Mon 17-Aug-09 10:56:04

Just wondering about whether to start the process for me, I see so much of ds is me. I have always struggled socially (unlike my twin), communication is hard (never able to express myself, misunderstandings etc). Inflexibility, well taught myself techniques and learnt to copy (all the natural things people tend to do). A few stims, i keep to myself.

I have a career, married, two fantastic boys, hobbies, so it's not all bad grin. But to me I struggle on so many things and const have to keep myself in check. But if I get a dx, would it help me to not, I guess that is what I am wondering- i.e. social classes - How do I teach my dc if I do not understand them. It constantly knocking around my head hmm

mysonben Mon 17-Aug-09 11:15:23

If you feel this is bothering daily, then maybe you should do it???
Only you can really decide of course,... but if something was constantly going round in my head and it bothered me then i 'd want to know because i can't stand not knowing where i am , where i stand, i just don't like unfisnished business iykwim? I've got to have answers,
or i worry all the time.

Myself i feel i have some asd traits, even more so when i was little, but there are just traits and i can cope with that ok.


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