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wigglybeezer Fri 14-Aug-09 12:54:05

Am sitting here weeping as I type.
The school holidays have been really tough...DS1 has been vile to his brothers, clingy to me, very controlling, restless and very very rude, lots of clashes with his Dad (and me,despite huge efforts to stay calm).

I have booked a double appointment at the GP to talk it through and request a referral to CAMHS, I cannot see the wood for the trees anymore, what is ASD behaviour, what is my parenting, what is anxiety? I need help starting again and picking the whole mess apart so am hoping for some family therapy and maybe something for DS1 on his own as he is 11 now.

I wish I had been brave enough to ask for help earlier, everyone has been focussed on DS2 and poor DS1 has started to struggle, he thinks we all hate him sad.

I am suppossed to be cutting right back on Mumsnet but I think I'm going to need you for a while longer.

wigglybeezer Fri 14-Aug-09 12:55:39

Have visitors coming so will not be able to check the thread 'til later, please don't think I'm rude if I don't reply to any posts quickly.

HecatesTwopenceworth Fri 14-Aug-09 12:55:39

poor you. Don't cut down. This is a wonderful place for support.

When is your gp appt?

HelensMelons Fri 14-Aug-09 12:57:12

Hi Wiggly

All sounds totally overwhelming.

Is it ds1 or ds2 who is on the spectrum?

bubblagirl Fri 14-Aug-09 13:05:22

sorry things are so hard dont blame yourself <<<<sending you big hugs>>>>

HelensMelons Fri 14-Aug-09 13:07:04

May not be around later. Some GP practices (certainly over here in NI) will offer cognitive behavioural counselling there are waiting lists. It's short term goal oriented therapy that can help with managing stress. If not, then if you have to go down the private route go through the BACP website to track down a counsellor in your area.

Some art therapy might be beneficial for ds1, again I'm not sure if you can access this through the nhs. It's very good - i am hoping to access something here for ds2 (8, asd).

We were also able to access a sibling course for ds1 (nt) which was very beneficial. however there is very little offered to siblings really that I know of.

Sorry that you are having such as stressful time, the holidays can really bring things to a head, I think. Don't be hard on yourself x

wigglybeezer Fri 14-Aug-09 20:06:49

Thanks everyone, DS2 has a verbal DX of AS, knowing what i know now,I feel that DS1 has almost enough triats to qualify for a DX too, unfortunately he seems to have the inflexibilty, lack of empathy, meltdown type problems whereas DS2 is more the sweet otherworldy type IYKWIM.
Typically all the kids have been good all pm and evening but we have had a tough week - DS2's favourite of our two new kittens was killed in a freak accident and he was distraught sad.
Actually the catharsis of a real sad event has helped me get a lot off my chest and has given me a bit more resolve to sort some issues out.
Back to school on Tuesday and a breather for me!

Frasersmum123 Fri 14-Aug-09 20:38:52

Im sorry that you are finding it difficult, the holidays are always a bad time Sorry to hear about the kitten.

I hope that you get the help that you need. Only three more sleeps til tuesday

Frasersmum123 Fri 14-Aug-09 20:39:11

Make that 4 blush

Webme1 Sat 15-Aug-09 10:55:30

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this very stressful time.

You may want to visit
for details of a counsellor who provides counselling for families who have to deal with special needs issues in their daily lives. As a mother of an autistic son herself she has valuable experience to draw upon in her counselling work.

I wish you well and hope that life starts to feel better and brighter soon.

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