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AS and hypotonia

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debs40 Thu 13-Aug-09 21:39:18

I'm just wondering about the link between these two.

Has everyone with an AS dx also got hypotonia? They seem to be so closely related but I'm not entirely sure why - genetics??

Do you think it's an indicator during the dx process? it seems to be such a common link

mimsum Thu 13-Aug-09 23:01:28

I wasn't aware there was a formal link, however ds2 has AS and low muscle tone

ds1 who has Tourette's and ADHD/Aspergery traits is physically completely opposite - his muscles are so well-formed (partly as he's constantly on the move) that he virtually had a 6-pack when he was 4!

Niecie Thu 13-Aug-09 23:21:52

My DS probably has AS and hypotonia as well.

There is a huge overlap in so many developmental conditions.

I actually think DS has dyspraxia with social communication difficulties but he has a dx of AS with the hypotonia/dyspraxia as an add-on, so to speak. IMO his dx could have gone either way.

I don't think that hypotonia is part of the dx process so much as something that is often present.

I just found this on Wiki - doesn't even mention ASDs.

debs40 Thu 13-Aug-09 23:56:47

It is interesting - to me anyway smile.

I appreciate it's not part of the dx criteria and that there is no formal link as such, it just seems to be so common for those with AS to have physical symptoms like hypermobility/hypotonia. It is mentioned in alot of reports/articles/books you read on the issue.

I suppose my question is more why low muscle tone should be so prevalent amongst these types of disorders including dyspraxia etc. I haven't seen anything on that.

On the overlap between dyspraxia, AS etc, my community paed drew a Venn diagram demonstrating the overlap. How they ever come to a firm dx about anything at this end of the spectrum, I don't know!

Marne Fri 14-Aug-09 09:18:39

My dd1 has low muscle tone, she has a dx of AS but for a while i thought she might have dyspraxia, she didn't tick all the boxes for dyspraxia, her pencil/pen skills are great but she is useless at climbing steps, riding a bike and pushing doors open.

Niecie Fri 14-Aug-09 13:36:50

It is interesting, isn't it? The first thing I noticed about DS which wasn't 'normal' was the fact that he couldn't grip your finger as he was supposed to and that was at a few weeks old really. He still has weak hands and appalling handwriting!

I was just looking at my Tony Attwood book and he doesn't mention hypotonia but he does have a whole chapter on motor clumsiness, including loose joints and lax muscles so the same sort of thing I suppose and that criterion for diagnosis on some scales but not all.

But, it doesn't say why this is the case so not much use to you.

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