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Educational Psychologist coming round - What to expect?

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mummytopebs Thu 13-Aug-09 21:24:43

The Ed. Psych rang today and is coming round Tuesday morning. We saw the community paeditrician 5 weeks ago who said dd seems emotionally, socially and academically delayed by around 18 months, and has significant routines and sensory issues. The Ed Psych is now coming round - What should i expect? What are they looking for? What do i say cos am really worried about dd starting school in september

mummytopebs Thu 13-Aug-09 22:08:48


TotalChaos Fri 14-Aug-09 09:27:38

DS only ever saw ed psych as part of a joint clinic with paed and salt, so ed psych didn't do that much - she mainly had DS do a couple of non-verbal intelligence tests, matching patterns with blocks, that sort of thing, and watched DS playing some toys they had in the room (toy doll, toy animals . I imagine she might get your DD to do some jigsaw type puzzles and draw a few things too. I imagine ed psych will ask questions to guage where your DD is socially/language wise/self-care wise/learning wise/behaviourwise.

In terms of starting school - I would be upfront and say that you feel because of her delays your DD will need a lot of support when starting school, so what will the ed psych be recommending in terms of 1-1, etc. Have you requested an assessment for a statement, or discussed your DD's issues with the school?

sc13 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:16:55

What Total said. Ed Psych saw DS in school for 2 and a half hours, and they did things like building towers and bridges with blocks, drawing parts of a face, etc.

baseW Sat 15-Aug-09 11:43:42

We had quite abit of involvemenr with Ed Psych. My ds has CP. She came round to the house several times just watched and interacted with him. She also visited him at the playgroup and nursery on various occasions. Personally thought that it was a complete waste of time. She compiled a report that included everything that we, nursery, pysio etc all said. It did not tell us anything new that we did not already know?
I got myself quite worked up before the first visit but was really nothing to worry about...

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