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Low tone and slings?

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Sayyesmummy Thu 13-Aug-09 14:38:32

Just new to low tone with ds being diagnosed this week.

I have a baby bjorn which he seems ok in but I realised my ergo might be no good for him ...Any one know about suitable slings for a 5 month old with low tone? x

Sayyesmummy Thu 13-Aug-09 19:06:17


Scottie22 Thu 13-Aug-09 20:30:48

We had a Huggababy which can be worn lots of different ways - only used it a few times with dd though as she is so tall neither of us could get comfortable! It was good for supporting her head though.

badkitty Thu 13-Aug-09 22:08:56

My physio told me that my baby carrier (can't remember what mine was - similar to BabyBjorn though) was not good for DS - think it is to do with posture and protecting the spine because due to his low tone he always tends to slump to one side. So I'd check with your physio if you are using it a lot. It was a nightmare for me at the time as DS would scream when taken out in the car seat or pram so I thought I would never be able to go out at all - thankfully now he has got over this and can be taken out in buggy quite happily!

Sayyesmummy Fri 14-Aug-09 09:50:30

Thanks and bump

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