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DS 's new craze: strings!!! Anyone else's dc the same?

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mysonben Wed 12-Aug-09 23:05:50

For the past week or so , DS (3.9, mild asd) has been showing an increased interest in pieces of string, ropes, elastic bands,...the longer the pieces the better!

He always have enjoyed fiddling with shoe laces, and odd bits of strings which he tries to tie to his toys and to the baby ride-on. (with great difficulties as he can't do knots!)

But things are getting sinister now, as he got hold of a pair of braces last week and to start with was flicking the end bit that grips the trousers, he was also twirling them. Fine under supervision! Then he was trying to stetch them around his chest and crying because he couldn't do it.

Then i caught him with the garden twine he found outside, wrapped round his chest and arms quite tight.

Yesterday he had put a bit of rope (got that from open shed) round and round his neck really tight! When i took it off it his neck was very red.

And this afternoon , he insisted on twirling round elastic bands to some of his fingers and part of his hand, he had these on all afternoon!
He also put some round some of his cars!

This is the latest in the list of DS's oddities!!! hmm
But it's dangerous, and of course he will hunt for these things now we have started to hide them!

cyberseraphim Thu 13-Aug-09 13:36:15

Oh Yes !!!!! Still it's only been two years of constant string. No idea where the end of the tunnel is.

misscutandstick Thu 13-Aug-09 19:57:31

OMG!!! you really could be talking about my son!!!!

Firstly could i ask if your DS likes being 'squashed'? maybe its a sensory thing...

DS1 is ADHD and started 'knotting' stuff around 3.5y too. String, rope, cassette tapes, videos, anything thats longer than it is wide and bendy! It has been a constant obsession. Apparently its the joining of articles in a domino or cause/effect sequence that is the obsession. ie. if you pull this it pulls that, then this, and that. Its the joining of 1 or 2 items that wouldnt necessarily join in a natural environment. ie. a fridge handle and a chair leg. Joining them in effect makes them the same item. ie. a window-curtain-settee-cupboard.

Now the twirling thing, a bit harder to describe. As far as I can tell its just an extention of spinning, but still joining stuff ie trousers, blankets, tea-towels etc.

I only know that because DS1 is now old enough to explain it, at nearly 17yrs old. Unfortunately, i have no words of comfort, he is as we speak eyeing up my tape measure and table lamp...

A quick word of warning.
I once had to leg it outside after seeing him (aged 9) manage (somehow, tho god alone knows how) tie his swing around his neck, in order to hold it while he threw the swing over the top bar - voila ready made gallows!

mysonben Thu 13-Aug-09 22:21:14

Miscutandstick, DS does like to be sort of lightly squashed or "feeling tight", more exactly, because he loves to be wrapped up , all covered up in his duvet even when it's hot!
He also likes to cover himself up with pillows, sofa cushions and screams if anyone dare taking one.
Whenever i play pretend play with him and dd, and i put a dolly in bed, he always gets a cushion and put on top of the doll and push hard on it! hmm
He also likes to put his bike helmet on and have his nursery backpack on...all day, and not for pretend play!

I also see what you mean with the joining of odd things, he does that too all the time, example : baby ride-on back support, with broom wedged in between, pull along doggie string caught between ride-on seat, a few pegs on the broom bristles, coat hanger hung on ride-on handle...
He will also use bigger things like table chairs,...

When he's not with his beloved vehicles or watchind a dvd, DS spends half of his time "playing" like this , looking for things and joining all sort of objects, it's an nightmare because he touches absolutely everything!!! Nothing in our house is safe from DS. grin

Barmymummy Fri 14-Aug-09 07:29:14

My DS has always been partial to some string. Went through a phase of tying his sisters skipping rope or anything vaguely string like around his legs. Loves tape measures too. He says he is trying to be sportacus who does a bungee out of his airship hmm

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