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Review meeting to discuss ds2's educational needs.

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meea Thu 26-May-05 11:47:50

Don't want to go
I don't want to sit listening to how lovely he is at nursery and watching everyone one thinking how neurotic I am.
This has all come out of the blue when the inclusion worker phoned a few weeks ago he gave me the impression that he wasn't goning to be involved with ds2 and had no intention of even meeting him.
I can only assume this meeting is ds2 paeds idea.
How am I mean't to sit there and explain about his agressive and strange behaviours while they all look at me like I'm on another planet.
I have noticed recently that he has to work really hard at being good when we are out and about and he just kind of lets rip when we get home.It's like he is mananging to control himself but can't maintain it.

happymerryberries Thu 26-May-05 18:02:15

meea, I'm sorry that I don't know all of the background information on how things have been with ds2.

The one thing I would say is that I'm sure the school has been in similar situations before so don't feel that everyone will think that you are being neurotic.

I have had parents (in seconary) tell me of their child's behavious at home and I am always glad to get the full picture. I hope that things go well for you.

Davros Thu 26-May-05 19:08:48

How did it go? You shouldn't worry about what they'll think of you, tell it like it is. Must be tough though but surely they've come across this before? I can't believe they have NO clues. HOpe you're feeling a bit better though but as no posts maybe not

Ulysees Thu 26-May-05 19:16:51

I had ds2s review on Monday. I was gobsmacked as there were 7 professionals in the room. Not that they fazed me but felt a bit weird to have all those eyes on me especially as I'd been caught in the rain and had pmt

DS2 is the opposite to yours, he's harder work at pre school but had a very good day today.

How old is your Ds2? He sounds bright to be trying to control himself. My son is 4.5 and not able to do that I don't think?

meea Fri 27-May-05 09:52:07

It has been postponed till the 21st of June apparently he was assuming ds2's paed would be able to attend at short notice.
Davros I really hope they have noticed something but they seem to be completly clueless.Things that worry me they find cute can't work out if they are really that far off the mark or if they are trying to make me feel better.
But to be honest who want's to be told there's nothing wrong and that he must just act up for me.
Makes me feel like i'm making a bad job of parenting him. Strange though that my elder 3 are nothing like him.
Ulysees he is 3.1 and does appear to be bright he repeats conversions from months ago.

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