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Had 2nd paed appointment... DS is referred to CAMHS

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mysonben Wed 12-Aug-09 12:02:23

Hi, some of you may know i was totally dreading this second paed appointment this morning.
Paed had reports from nursery, Senco, and SALT.
She asked us a few questions regarding progress with speech, and a few about behaviours at home. She interacted through play with DS , and reiterated that she thinks DS has mild asd. But she cannot say that 100% without further investigation, because children who have severe speech problems can also present some autistic tendancies without being autistic, if that makes sense?

So her professional opinion was to putting him forwards to CAMHS for a multi-disciplinary assessment, which will also include both the ADI-R and the ADOS.

Apparently the waiting list is a few months , so we are looking for it to start not before sometimes in the new year. hmm

She also tried to be reassuring because DS showed good interaction with her and that generally autistic kids were far more reserved than that, so that if he gets a dx of autism it will be on the high end of the spectrum.

My head is a bit in a spin at the moment, ...i was still clutching at a shred of hope she might have said "i don't think any of the reports warrant to push for an assessment." blush then again one can dream hey!!!

Now the real -fun- hmm stressing time will truely start.

Thanks for reading.

debs40 Wed 12-Aug-09 12:17:47


Glad the appointment is over and you have a bit of a plan in place. Keep in contact with CAMHS about when your appointment is likely to surface and ask as many questions as you need, even if that means going back to the paed, as I always find you end up thinking of loads of questions once you've left the doctor's office! My experience has been that professionals in this field have been understanding about the need to ask questions.

In the meantime, there are frameworks inplace for providing help to those awaiting dx. The CAMHS lady said to us on Monday that it wasn't about scoring 'three cherries' as you might get 'two cherries and a banana' but that doesn't mean your child will be denied help when needed.

Good luck!

mysonben Wed 12-Aug-09 12:42:49

Thanks Debs40 for your reply, i will definately ring them up if things start to drag on for too long. But in the meantime DS is been considered for a place in a nursery that has a language group, meaning he would get 5 h salt a week, which would really help him, but they only take kids who have no asd dx, so we don't want things to move too fast with CAMHS considering the criteria for the place in the language group. wink

debs40 Wed 12-Aug-09 13:11:02

That sounds good! Hope you get a place. Keep us posted!

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