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talk to me about enzymes please

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silverfrog Wed 12-Aug-09 10:00:29

off on hols next week and having a nightmare trying to book a meal for the flight that dd1 can eat. she is gf/cf - airline currently not supplying gf meals shock

we are flying to Oz, so a bit of a problem.

over on the allergies board, tatt reminded me about enzymes. a good idea, probably, given that whatever dd1 eats on the flight will be full of stuff she cannot have (whether gluten, casein, or plain old MSG!)

however, form a quick bit of reading, it souunds liek there could be symptoms on introducing the enzymes - extra stimming, hyper-ness etc.

since dd1 isn't already taking enzymes (she's doing quite well on her gf/cf diet, and actually we have recently taken her off probiotics and other supplements as they weren't having much effect, and now her stools are a LOT better - go figure!) should I get some for the flight/holiday?

I don't really want to have dd1 hyped and stimming form enzymes, but then I don't want ehr hyped and stimming from diet infringements either.

has anyone else noticed worsening of behaviours on introducing enzymes?

tiredmummyoftwo Wed 12-Aug-09 10:41:40

So far we have noticed no difference in DS. He is still going every other day and his stools are softer due to lactolose. It's been three weeks since we started him on it as he suffers from constipation (we don't follow any diet, as his food is very limited as it is). We noticed no difference whatsoever in any way.

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