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Low tone & Bumbos

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Sayyesmummy Tue 11-Aug-09 15:18:47

Wondered if anyone can advise if Bumbos are useful/recommended for low tone babies?
Ds is 5 months.

fizzyanddizzy Tue 11-Aug-09 19:28:44

Our physio doesn't like them - says that they encourage babies to put pressue on the wrong parts of their bottom / back and so doesn't really help at all.

I was thinking about getting one for my baby with low tone - but ended up not as a result of what the pysio said. Wouldn't have helped anyway as his low tone means his trunk strength is quite weak. The chair we have since got from the OT has been much better.

Woooozle100 Tue 11-Aug-09 22:51:23

our physio really liked and recommended - said that it helped work core abdominals. However she did advise us to use in short spells (ie wasn't a seat as such - too much like hard work)

5 months would have really been pushing it for dd though - or for any low tone child really I'd imagine. They need to be supporting their head and upper body to some extent

Bumbo was fab for us Really helped with dd's sitting. We used it even when she was able to sit independently but had absolutely no means to save herself / maintain her balance (another couple of years) I found it good to take to baby groups / sessions. We got away with using it for so long cos she is tiny

They're really easy to pick up second hand for quite cheap. Look at ebay (bear in mind most pares must buy them and use them for all of 2 or 3 months )

Scottie22 Wed 12-Aug-09 09:54:29

My dd has low tone in her trunk and like pp said, our physio also advised bumbo for short periods only. I actually found it was good for helping with her neck control too. I also used it rather than a highchair for weaning as it gave more support - dd used to slide out of highchairs!

peanut08 Wed 12-Aug-09 14:19:59

Another one here who's phisyo recommended a bumbo. DS has down's and loves his. He is almost 12 months and not sitting yet but since using it for short periods I have begun to notice a difference. the phisyo suggested sitting him in it with toys around and in front of him so he has to stretch forward and sideways to grab things which helps to strengthen his stomach muscles.

Lauree Wed 12-Aug-09 15:04:46

Bumbo was good for my son with low tone, but only after he could sit up a bit and support his head on his own... can't remebr how old he was but quite a bit more than 5 months I think. Short periods. Otherwise it can be a bit like a baby trap!grin

fizzyanddizzy Wed 12-Aug-09 19:53:51

blimey - I feel conned!
peanut - does your DS use any other type of chair? I have noticed an improvement in my DS when I sit behind him and just support his hips and legs rather than his back but it feels like him sitting on his own is months and months and months away!

peanut08 Wed 12-Aug-09 20:36:54

Hi fizzy, no DS doesn't have any other chair except his highchair (which reclines slightly). I've been told to sit with him supporting his hips and legs as well but as the bumbo is used for a short periods I can sit him in it while I'm doing things and give him a mini workout leaning and stretching for toys (or whatever else he spots!).
It is difficult at the moment as he much prefers to be sat up watching his siblings play and he's just started commando crawling so is in to everything.
What chair has your DS got and did I read somewhere he's an Alex? snap grin

fizzyanddizzy Wed 12-Aug-09 21:06:13

Coolio! grin

Alex has got a chair which the OT got him which helps him to sit up straight - has to be strapped in. Then he has a little table which goes with it so he can play with things. It is really good but am not sure it helps strengthen his trunk and he certainly can't stretch and lean in it.

Sorry to hijack but can I ask what your Alex uses for a car seat? and can I also just say RESPECT to him for his commando crawling grin

peanut08 Wed 12-Aug-09 21:40:10

Fizzy, ah yes the crawling (though we're obviously pleased) have forgotten how quick they can be and it doesn't mix well with it being the holidays and every room being strewn with lego etc.
I was told by my phisyo that it important in any sitting position that babies are encouraged to lean and twist forward and side to side to strengthen the core muscles although sitting up straight is important too and my Alex isn't always doing that. His pushchair is usually reclined (although he does try to sit forwrd) but if I position it upright he kind of dangles by the straps!. He's currently in his maxicosi car seat (0-1)and is still to little to move on to the next stage just yet. Nice to catch up and will try to pop in to the "hello" thread again soon.

Sayyesmummy Thu 13-Aug-09 15:18:11

Thanks for all your answers. On another thread I've asked about slings...just thought I'd mention it here too.....
Anyone any advice on which sling I can use with ds with low tone? X

Woooozle100 Thu 13-Aug-09 16:12:06

think any sling really - as long as they are suitable from birth

Bear in mind that they're not all that supportive so won't do a fat lot to promote good posture in yr dc - but will still be nice for them to be close to you and be carried around

I found the wilkienet carrier good for my rather floppy dd - not a sling as such but soft carrier. Was a norse to get on and off tho (straps made for pavorotti size parent I think. Guess you could always cut them ) Was very comfortable and better in that sense than the cheapo ring sling I got

Sayyesmummy Thu 13-Aug-09 16:51:49

Thanks pixie!

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