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Delaying ASD dx in favour of speech and language problems.

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sodit Tue 11-Aug-09 13:17:04

Ds1 (3 next week) has a CDC app next week while his ASD traits seem to be lessening e.g today at toddler group he dressed up and made tea. His expressive language problems are my main concern, he is being put forward to a panel for a specialist nursery place (speech and language) to start when he is old enough. I feel that he would stand a greater chance if this was seen to be the main area of concern.
At home he is more co-operative as his receptive language increases he will come here when told to, has started trying new foods, become even more affectionate to me and other members of the family. He will generally engage in tasks i set him. My only real concern at home is how he treats his younger brother.
So do I highlight that he is engaging in basic pretend play, interacting with other children and adults, has increased responsiveness and co-operation to highlight the speech and language problems or try to push for his asd dx. I do feel that he is on the spectrum albeit at the very mild end. My ideal outcome would be the wait and see( never thought I would say that grin) until he has the nursery placement then he gets the dx. His nursery would start in Jan but they decide on places in Oct/Nov.
What would you do?

mysonben Tue 11-Aug-09 16:19:31

Yes we're in the exact same place regarding a placement for ds (3.9) in a language group in a nursery, they also allocate places in sep/oct time. And i have been told by DS's SALT that they do not take children with an asd dx, only 'pure' language delays and disorders.

I really hope DS gets a place there.
My ds is also on the spectrum on the milder side or so to speak. We have only a verbal dx as of yet.
We are seing his paed tomorow to discuss and review the need to get a formal dx or not.
Still unsure of what to do really.
It may take a longgg time before ds gets a formal dx, and he could be finished with the language group before the dx comes anyway.

mysonben Tue 11-Aug-09 16:24:54

Sorry didn't answer your question really.
We want him (hope) to have the nursery placement first, then the dx.
But ds will only be in the language group from january to july 2010, as he starts school in sep 2010, and he may not get his formal dx until well into next year anyway.

sodit Tue 11-Aug-09 17:50:51

Reading back I have inadvertently answered my own question. The speech is the biggest issue. We will be obviously placed on the waiting list for the CDAC should we push for a dx anyway.Looks like the wait and see approach regarding the asd and emphasise the speech and language issues it is then. If you dont mind let me know what the paed thinks anyway. Thanks for being my sounding board wink

mysonben Tue 11-Aug-09 18:57:02

I shall be posting the outcome of the appointment as soon as we get back. smile

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