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more language oddities (SALTs or anyone else interested)

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sadminster Mon 10-Aug-09 21:15:38

DS 2.10 severe receptive & expressive language delay, some ADS traits, waiting for paeds.

His expressive language is currently 25ish words, 10+ animal sounds & about 10 makaton signs. Pretty much all nouns, pretty much all used for labelling, very little useful speech - he uses it to point out objects in books/TV/environment. Same goes for his signs (octopus, hamster, orange etc) - I've taught him 'more' but now regret it because he uses it to request everything. Points beautifully to request, not so great to show interest.

I've been 'Hanen-ing' him, his shared interest & attention (specifically to noise) have improved, he is much more vocal (4 months ago he was completely silent); vocabulary has improved a bit (go/push/up/door are probably the most useful). He's picked up all the makaton from Something Special, I haven't tried teaching him anything other than more. ATM I'm trying to teach him names of family members specifically, everything else is incidental (90% of his words come from baby Einstein videos).

Apart from the delay I've noticed that:
1 - he learns new words pretty quickly but after using them appropriately for a few days he seems to just stop using them at all.
2 - he has started using the few verbs he has as nouns - push now means the swings, bounce is a bed. 'Up' which is recent & he was saying perfectly last week, is now 'up-dup' and seems to refer to any change of position. 'Door' seems to mean open.
3 - he randomly 'makatons' people - ie will just run through a series of signs with no prompting that aren't relevant to the situation (today he was signing hamster, tree & octopus over & over to the audiologist) - is this an ASD thing?

It's a bit odd.

sadminster Mon 10-Aug-09 21:17:02

umm well obviously he doesn't learn words quickly relative to a NT child but much more quickly that he did in the past.

TotalChaos Wed 12-Aug-09 18:36:27

1. I think it's common with language delay/disorder as well as ASD for new words not to always "stick". DS once said "I got car" at 2.3. A feat not to be repeated till about 2 years later hmm
2. DS used to get slightly the wrong associations - e.g. there was a toy spider on teletubbies, so DS used the word "toy" for spider, and there was a sad lamb on teletubbies, so DS used the word "sad" for lamb.

bubblagirl Wed 12-Aug-09 18:47:31

my ds when learning to talk could pronounce all words and then all pronunciations were lost and his 4 now and we still havent got them sounds back

he learnt words and lost them again all the time it was when his understanding of actions to words came along at 3.6 he was just talking over night i woke up to hear i cant reach it and it was him he was single words before that

no looking back
we were told to verbalise all our actions so ds could learn the words to the actions it was a good 6 mths before we noticed a bug change and few months after that it all seemed to just click

bubblagirl Wed 12-Aug-09 18:48:36

when he says word wrong just repeat it back as it should sound but dont correct or force him to try and say it right just repeat it back correctly for all words he uses

sc13 Thu 13-Aug-09 12:05:55

Yep, we have 1 and 2 too. Some of the words come back when you least expect them, though. Maybe I'm being optimistic (hearing about BBoy always makes me optimistic smile), but it's as if, for some things including little sentences, they are coming back to DS in a new, more 'aware' way, as if he's actually really putting the building blocks together now.

bubblagirl Thu 13-Aug-09 20:33:37

lol bless ya we went to b day party today i could have cried bubbla boy got on so well talking to other child and playing all day it was so nice to see

bubblagirl Thu 13-Aug-09 20:35:33

sc13 ive had few wines and feel quite sensitive with how today has gone but im so proud drunk but proud there's always room to be atomistic

bubblagirl Thu 13-Aug-09 20:36:26


sc13 Fri 14-Aug-09 10:27:04

I liked atomistic smile

bubblagirl Fri 14-Aug-09 10:37:12

lol im terrible with my typos lol
{especially after few wines lol}

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