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Another MMR thread, not sure what to do for the best.

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Marne Mon 10-Aug-09 20:23:00

Dd2's letter came through the post for her MMR booster and i'm really worried about her having it.

She had the first MMR at 18 months and before her MMR we didn't notice any ASD traits, at 2 years she was starting to show signs of ASD. I havn't got a clue if the MMR is what caused her ASD, her sister is also on the spectrum but this was noticable from birth so i know the MMR did no cause her to be Autistic.

I'm worried that giving dd2 a second dose of the MMR may make her ASD worse and at the moment she is doing so well.

Im not sure if our surgery will do the individual shots and i dont want people to think i am putting others at risk for not giving her the MMR.

Has anyone decided against the booster?

Would it do any harm to wait a while when i decide what i want to do or does she have to have it now (she's 3.5)?

mumgoingcrazy Mon 10-Aug-09 21:20:58

DD2 as far as I know isn't ASD but we've had a blood test done to see if she is immune to measles, mumps and Rubella as the main MMR jab gives up to 90% of the kids 100% immunity and the booster is given to just catch the last 10%. So that's a lot of unnecessary jabs. If she is immune DD2 won't be having the booster.

I don't want to confuse things, but DD2 was really poorly after her MMR and I didn't want a repeat of it.

sodit Mon 10-Aug-09 21:38:24

I have heard the same as mumgoingcrazy so ds1 will be tested when he is due for it. Can I ask where you can get it done DS1 has a while to go yet he is nearly three.

mysonben Mon 10-Aug-09 21:42:42

It is such a hard decision to make isn't it?
We are in that boat too , DS had his 1st MMR at 19 months, he didn't have a sudden regression at the time, but very very slow progress after that.
But then DS showed asd signs from early on (we didn't realise then), I mean he wasn't not talking or pointing, had very repetitive play , fascination with lights, ceiling fan,... before he had his MMR.
The MMR may have made things slightly worse, regarding progess.

Now he is due his 2nd dose , and we have already postponed it for the last 2 months because we are worried and unsure of what to

Would it cause a regression?
Or another phase of no progress?
Or maybe have no ill effect on DS ?

We just don't know , and our gp was saying to me no long ago "the MMR does not cause autism! It is very safe, ...blah blah"

We are still unconvinced and can't afford the single jabs.

BTW, in the book "Autism spectrum disorders the complete guide", there is a section about vacines, and apparently there is mercury in the D/T/Polio vaccine too, DS had his booster back in june with no ill effect.

thederkinsdame Mon 10-Aug-09 23:32:21

Message withdrawn

TotalChaos Tue 11-Aug-09 00:02:17

I decided against the booster. And then DS ended up getting measles just before last Xmas. the measles itself was very mild and noone caught it from him. but for about 4 months afterwards he got stomach bug after stomach bug......

So I wouldn't really rely on having immunity from the 1st MMR, but would get it tested, if necessary privately. Btw measles immunity can be checked by swab - obviously it's less accurate than a blood test, but less invasive.

debs40 Tue 11-Aug-09 00:06:43

Ben Goldacre (a doctor who writes in the Guardian) has written some really interesting stuff on the MMR for his 'bad science' column which you can find at

It is just another point of view to throw in the mix!

Phoenix4725 Tue 11-Aug-09 06:11:16

i to havebeen in 2 minds about ds booster.Though in his case his problems were defintley noticeable before hand.

But have decided for his sisters sake he will have to have them as she has problems with her immune system and any will potentialy be fatal for her

mumslife Tue 11-Aug-09 11:24:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cyberseraphim Tue 11-Aug-09 12:41:43

We had no problems whatsoever with either MMR or MMR booster with DS1 (ASD) ( well had mini measles after MMR but assume this is common) - but make your own decision. DS1 has only ever progressed (slowly !!!)

jasdox Tue 11-Aug-09 12:43:57

must admit we had no problems with DS1, and just about to embark on DS2 (appears NT, so will keep an eye out).

mumgoingcrazy Tue 11-Aug-09 19:39:53

Sodit, DD2 had her blood test whilst she was under for an MRI. She was already going to have bloods taken for chromosome testing and chicken pox immunity so we asked if they could take some extra to check MMR immunity.

PipinJo Tue 11-Aug-09 23:04:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sodit Fri 14-Aug-09 12:37:03

ds2 had his mmr the other day and while i was there i was talking about ds1 having his booster. The nurse said the booster is because your immunity decreases (not that i believe her grin) and that the booster is because you dont know when the immunity decreases so he show to be immune at say 3 1/2 but not be immune at 5. So yet another thing to research oh goody

bubblagirl Fri 14-Aug-09 12:55:54

well i did take ds for his booster i dont feel the mmr is what caused ds ASD he didnt have regressive ASD he was slowly progressing from 2 and his ASD was more apparent but because he was at an age it was easy to compare

he had his booster few months back and is progressing great no signs of any affect there at all his coming on leaps and bounds i made the decision very worryingly but was reassured that ds ASD was not regressive there fore he was to be safe from the booster

as it stands the truth in that i dont know but all has come out well

mumgoingcrazy Sat 15-Aug-09 15:33:14

Results came this morning and DD2 has full immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Chicken Pox. Am slightly concerned about what sodit said about decreased immunity by the age of 5, DD2 is only 2.2yr. Will have to decide nearer the time about the booster I think.

LilyOfTheMountain Sat 15-Aug-09 15:43:43

Debs Ben Goldacres work si shall I say- controversial on here

Marne I'd say go for the blood test- at least get the full facts before you worry yourself (BTW namechanger- erm, 4 boys 2 asd?)

mysonben Sat 15-Aug-09 16:09:00

I too have decided what to do, DS will be having his MMR booster because as i said before we never noticed any massive changes in ds after his 1st mmr, only slow progress.

But then every child is different and i'm not implying that the mmr is "safe" for every child.

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