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Worried :DD lacks friends.

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mumeeee Wed 25-May-05 18:04:56

DD3 is 13 and doesn't seem to have any real friends. An EP recently saw her at school she spent the whole day observing her aan also spoke to her teachers. The outcome was that she was slowly improving acadamically but was very much a loner and did not sem to know how to talk to the other children. Her classmates are beginninng to pick up on this and some of them call her names ( the school is dealing with this and some girls try to help her ). The EP said she will start a social training group next term with a group of children. What can we do in the mean time she the summer holidays are coming up and I would like her to have some friends to go around with. My DD is dyspraxic and finds it very hard to makr coversation and to discuss things. She is immature for her age and does play with some 10 and 11 year olds who live near us. She also goes to Guides and Drama club although she says she has friends there I am not convinced they are real friends as she tends to call any one a friend even if they have only spoken to her once or twice. Sorry for the long post

JakB Wed 25-May-05 18:52:18

I have no experience of this but wanted to bump for you!

Davros Wed 25-May-05 21:39:56

Where do you live mumeee? I think the NAS has recently set up some social groups but I don't know a lot about it. Any other support groups that might have sessions for children? The EP's planned sessions sound perfect but I agree it would be good to get something going over the hols. Otherwise some books, but don't know what! Although she is not autistic, have you looked at the NAS website at their books and publications? Also Jessica Kingsley?

mumeeee Wed 25-May-05 21:55:06

Thanks Davros I will have a look at the NAS stuff. I live in Cardiff. Please excuse my typing in the last post. I must preview.

mumeeee Sun 05-Jun-05 21:09:47

I have now had a look on the NAS sight and found a couple of books ( I did mention this on another site, but thought it would pobably be better here). They are social skills training books: one by Jed E Baker ( £19,95) and the other by Ursula Cornish and Fiona Ross ( £15.95).
Has anybody used thes books and would they be suitable for my DD?

coppertop Sun 05-Jun-05 21:35:14

I don't honestly know which books ds1's school uses. All I can remember is that it was by a woman - which is absolutely no help to you whatsoever.

Are there any summer playschemes set up in your area for the holidays? There may even be one specifically designed for children with SN.

Davros Sun 05-Jun-05 21:49:40

I know I suggested you look at the NAS website but I can't help on whether these books are good or not! Someone here must have some idea???? Is it worth buying one and sending it back if it doesn't fit the bill? Mind you, I'm terrible about not sending stuff back (ask DH!).
I'm intrigued about the one by Ursula Cornish as she is our local EP and I know her well, can't believe she has time to write a book!

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