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Right. Thats it. Am putting dd into a bin bag.

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sarah293 Sun 09-Aug-09 08:32:46

Message withdrawn

sodit Sun 09-Aug-09 08:45:49

sorry but you just made me laugh i thought from the title you meant you were putting her in a big bag to put out with the rubbish not as a nappy. grin. Havent got any advice just wanted to sympathise.

sarah293 Sun 09-Aug-09 08:57:33

Message withdrawn

lou031205 Sun 09-Aug-09 09:05:54

Not good! Have you thought of using longies? I know the ladies over on the nappies board use them a lot for their night-time nappies. They hold the nappy against the body more, and then they are lanolised wool, so any small leak gets evaporated. Perhaps it would help to prevent the gush?

feelingbetter Sun 09-Aug-09 12:53:17

I know he's only a babe but DS pees ridiculous amounts and I have never been able to use pampers coz of the leakage.

Tesco ones are ace for him - no leaks even overnight!

Maybe worth a try?

blush I also thought you were putting her out with the rubbish!

sarah293 Sun 09-Aug-09 15:48:14

Message withdrawn

UndertheBoredwalk Sun 09-Aug-09 15:53:28

I have similar issues Riven, have experimented with other nappies and found that huggies ones actually fit closer to DD and stop more leaks, but continence service will only supply pampers.
It has been suggested to me that I take the pampers to the supermarket claim to have bought the wrong type and swap them for huggies, which may work once or twice but is not a long term solution!
I have when my brothers kids have been the right size for Dd's nappies, sold them to him and used the money to buy alternatives but again only a short term solution.

I have no answers I'm afraid. We double up the nappies and this helps a little.

PeachyLaPeche Sun 09-Aug-09 16:12:58

Swap her for ds1?

he has played Aqua My Oh My over 100times this weekend, obsessed with it, and it is doing my head in!

At least your DD2 doesn't have a choice- ds1 is just clearly very, very sad.

More usefully, your DD is built wuite like mine isn't she (ie tiny and thin) and I find Pampers useless also. With ds3 I used to pop tight pants over the top to bring them in more closely at the leg, Dh used to want to seal with gaffer tape and really, trhat would actually have done it PMSL

sarah293 Sun 09-Aug-09 16:16:19

Message withdrawn

PeachyLaPeche Sun 09-Aug-09 16:20:04

BLimey 4kg!!!!!

Ds1 can be a lovely young man. When he wants. Jekyll and Hyde.

can't guarantee which you'd get today though, was a right git in Tesco this morning.

never mind,he'soff to Mum and dad's for 5days tomorrow <<yay>>

MatNanPlus Sun 09-Aug-09 16:29:16

Riven, may be a daft thought but i often find i need to use a smaller size in Pampers to get them closer to the bottom and around the legs than i would in other brands when buying using the weight guide.

sarah293 Sun 09-Aug-09 17:14:03

Message withdrawn

meltedmarsbars Mon 10-Aug-09 07:27:43

I had the same problem - she would have soaked through the nappy before she got off the school bus. We have tried tena nappies and now are on Euron, extra absorbant. We just had to keep pestering and pestering the inco nurse {in the politest possible way of course grin} until we got what we needed.Dd is 7, 20kg.

If you want a trial I can maybe post some?

sarah293 Mon 10-Aug-09 08:07:17

Message withdrawn

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