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If someone screams i my DDs face she laughs

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used2bthin Sat 08-Aug-09 23:24:19

I mean other children but it has also happened when I've shouted (not screamed in her face of course but lost my temper and shouted-you know how it is blush )Other children can be angry as anything and yell in her face and she laughs and sort of mock screetches back. She has got glue ear so I wonder if some of it is hearing related? But it seems odd. She also has speech and languag delay and various issues. I just wondered if it is something that rings any bells for anyone over here?

jjones Sun 09-Aug-09 00:20:30

Lucas does the exact same thing. He has perfect hearing. Lucas is classic asd with severe speech and language delay too, maybe it is do with that. He is 3.2.

used2bthin Sun 09-Aug-09 13:06:30

Thanks jjones. It happened again in the park today, a boy was shouting go away to DD and she was laughing. Its as if she doesn't understand that someone is not happy. Had a bit of a nightmare morning actually and feelin increasingly unsure of whther her development issues are limited to speech and language. She is also unable to answer yes or no questions, for example this morning I said have you finished your toast? (did the sign for finished too) she laughed and stood up. I said if you've finsihed shall I put it in the bin? Bin said DD. Then I threw it away and she burst into tears so obviously did want it!

This is all speculation I know, she has got an assessment with the community paediatrician and repeat hearing test on wednesday. She's gong to be three in september.

used2bthin Sun 09-Aug-09 22:33:53

Any other ideas on the laughing thing? She also gets quite excited if I grab her (say she goes to run near a road or something) but maybe thats just because its no different to chasing type games to her.

I know I am asking things no one can answer really but had a bit of a wake up day today and can't stop thinking that there is more going on than I first thought with her. Whatever happens at this assessment wed I think I need help helping her because I can't seem to get through to her the way I would a child her age generally, she doesn't seem to understand choices so ts impossible to negotiate anything with her!

ZebsMummy Sun 09-Aug-09 23:26:13

Hi Not much help I'm afraid my DS1 does this too and hes 3.6 not so much with other children but with me when I've got really really cross with him - like tonight when I've caught him and DS2 2.4 smearing sudocreme all over DS2's bed - not happy and not impressed with being laughed at tends to make me crosser!
we had a nursery nurse come to see him last week for pre-report to pead - and she seemed to be concerned as he should be showing awareness of others emotion at his age he also doesn't get concerned when I'm upset! He also has a speech and language delay.

I have found that taking something that he loves like his bag or truck and putting it out of reach until he apologises sometimes works.

5inthebed Mon 10-Aug-09 07:12:11

DS2 is the same. Sometimes he winds my nice up just so she will get upset and scream at him. He thinks it is hilarious. We d try to discourage it, but he doesn't give in once he starts. It's very hard going sometimes.

used2bthin Mon 10-Aug-09 10:08:28

Thanks both of you. I just feel desperate for answers at the moment. But so far having a good day with DD and she has been talking to me more than usual (in her way). Mind you it is mainly because we saw a tractor out the window which is just the best thing ever to her.

She just doesn't seem to understand if I explain stuff to her or offer choices. So I am beginning to realise how delayed her understanding is as well as her speech and language which makes sense but has come as a bit of a shock too.

5inthebed Mon 10-Aug-09 15:19:15

DS2's EP said it was all down to him not being aware of social boundries and not being able to read others emotions. Sorry I can't be of much more help.

How old is your DD?

cyberseraphim Mon 10-Aug-09 15:40:35

Hard to say - You must be anxious in advance of the meeting this week. It does remind me of DS1 when he was that age but that's only one case. Hope you get closer to the beginning of an answer this week.

used2bthin Mon 10-Aug-09 19:17:30

Thanks yes I am worried but also am kind of expecting nothing iyswim because it may just be a hearing test I wonder if I got the wrong end of the stick and they will just refer to a paediatrician after. She did say about having one present but who knows with these things. DD definately needs help though we ave spent the day with a child a year younger than her and the difference is amazing (as in the younger childs understanding and speech etc streets ahead of DD).

5inthebed she is 2.11. She is so physically capable and has just potty trained fairly easily but its her understanding and obviously speech and language. She is very sociable and so wants to play with other children but can't due to not being able to communicate sad

used2bthin Thu 13-Aug-09 14:51:51

Hi everyone I am bumping this as couldnt find my first thread about the appointment. She still has glue ear and possibly underlying deafness in one ear. So being referred for more tests. They also said to get her referred for full developmental checks as her speech seems behind what would be expected even with hearing loss. Our childrens nurse has offered to come out and do an informal check on her though and refer if we feel her needs are more than the SALT can help with. I am more comfortable with this for now.

So reall now I feel a bit lost as to how to deal with the speech and language suff bearing in mind that she can't hear that well. Do I push on with Hanen? I need the SALT to call me back but am a bit lost tbh I feel like I am chasing too many different things!

used2bthin Thu 13-Aug-09 21:16:08


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