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For all those with a child on gluten free diet, please give me some suggestions?

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waitingforgodot Sat 08-Aug-09 13:23:14

What do you make for lunches and tea? Ideas please!!! Thank you! DS is on goats milk so preferably non dairy too!

sarah293 Sat 08-Aug-09 13:35:51

Message withdrawn

sodit Sat 08-Aug-09 13:52:16

ds1 has what he used to eat only the gluten free version. he has just started eating cottage pie and peas grin. He has omelette, fish fingers, sausages,tuna pasta (must be the bob the builder) ,pizza made with gluten free muffins, chicken and vegetables. He has gluten free bread which i either make in the bread make or buy if i can get hold of the genius bread at tescos all the others fall to pieces.

sadminster Sat 08-Aug-09 13:55:46

scrambled eggs & gluten free muffins or fish/chicken & GF pasta/potatoes & vegetables are our staples atm.

PeachyLaPeche Sat 08-Aug-09 15:08:23

GF fishfingers are a woondrous thing! Also home amde burgers, fish,rice noodles if you can get GF ones, rice cakes with all manner of toppings (ds4 likes Gf DF vegetable pate ATM), black farmer sausages..... even the DF GF cheese sauce is OK once you get used to it.

The sainsburys when we were away had frozen GF apstry but it hasn'treached here yet- will be watching though! And the new Alpro DF cheese slices and cheese spread - fantastic with jacket spuds or omelettes

smallwhitecat Sat 08-Aug-09 15:28:43

Message withdrawn

PeachyLaPeche Sat 08-Aug-09 15:35:08

Oh yes, Sainsburys do them, and also Youngs just launched some- very nice they are too

sadminster Sat 08-Aug-09 16:52:29

yup & the GF fishfingers are brilliant (they do GF chicken dipper type things too).

sodit Sat 08-Aug-09 16:52:39

sainsburys also do chicken nuggets but we tend to make our own

waitingforgodot Sat 08-Aug-09 16:57:08

brilliant-thanks for all your suggestions.

boolifooli Sun 16-Aug-09 08:44:35

You can buy GF bread crumbs in tesco and make your own chicken nuggets and fish fingers.

Those Pataks pastes are gluten free and go a long way. DS likes the mild korma one. You can even get GF naans although DS didn't seem impressed.

Risotto was a winner too.

He loved the GF bread sticks and crackers.

I found the GF pittas handy for making sandwiches, they seem to cope better than some of the GF breads.

Homemade potato wedges.

Hula hoops, Pringles, french fries when you're on the go.

We had DS on a gluten free diet just a few weeks ago but are back on it now for the blood test coming up but we learnt so much in those 3 short weeks which will come in handy if he is gluten intolerant.

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