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Orthotic` dilema and Dorset clinic update help please

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Phoenix4725 Sat 08-Aug-09 07:36:06

We went yesterday to see someone from the Dorset orthpedic clinic .He was very good and honest , was the first person to properly examine ds and look above his ankles to the flexation he has in his knees and measure it and ds has majour overflexation in knees and ankles.

Dilema have is we saw the nhs orthotics for oh 5 mins and he said the piedro boots are not working he will need daffos then been given appoinment for 3 months time for castings.he has never even looked at ds knees

Yesterdays man was very thourgh talked through all the differnt kind of splints and explained it all and was honest and said that he feels Ds needs proper afo`s due to the rolling over and the flexation in the knees and ankles to prevent more damage and he wants to use fixed ones for 12 months at least see if it improves flexation and rollering ,downside ds will not be able to flex his foot to much .As well as ds willstill need pidro boots on top of the and not the shallow kind ds has from the nhs the deeper boots.Yes nhs guys like nah he wont need pidro boots anymore.

Now he offered to contact nhs equivlent and explain his findings and se eif they can do it, but if no luck they wil do it but its going to work out expensive and in his words ds will need help from orthotics for a long time.

So do I go with what he says or stick with the substandard nhs system even if they do what he sas this time no guranttees next time or have to find 1000 pounds a year minimum maybe 2grand if needs 2 pairs in a year but he was very good and first timeever felt ds had been seen and examined properly .
As a postcript he was digusted that ds only sees physio twice a year and we have no excersies to do and kept hinting that there might be something more going on than hypermoblity and lowmuscle tone and suggested asked for a new referal to a paed as ds been discharged by devlopmentsl paed

TotalChaos Sat 08-Aug-09 08:01:56

sounds like you feel the treatment was much more professional and thorough at the Dorset clinic, so in an ideal word, yes, of course you would go with what he said, but money wise, I don't know if you could get any charity funding for this sort of thing? If the NHS aren't helpful, then possibly if you get advice from the wise women on here like Moondog and Starlight about how to complain and write assertive letters to put some pressure on..... In terms of a new referral, I wonder if you might be better off starting with a orthopaedic specialist or even possibly a neurologist - just that these sort of hospital referrals seem to have proper targets, so you don't end up waiting best part of a year to see anyone.....

Phoenix4725 Sat 08-Aug-09 08:13:12

Am wondering that myself if can get Gp to refer me even if just differnt paed .ould hope that under choose and book for paeds could get differnt hospital in differnt health authority a im not to far from ispwich/suffolk rather than Colchester /ESsex

Treatmentwas defintley more proffesional with the Dorset clinic was treated with more respect so was ds rather than treated as someone thats taking up time when asking questions

argh I need marry amilionaire anyone know where can find one wink

feelingbetter Sat 08-Aug-09 10:08:44

God this is so shit sad. Can't believe how bad your NHS service is.
I complain all the time, me and cheif exec are regular penfriends now wink and it is amazing how quickly they can find cancellations or how we were next on the list.
COMPLAIN, in writing, about EVERYTHING!

In the meantime, I've posted on other thread, we have had a clear out in work and if you let me know what size DS is, I'll see if we've got anything to match (they are new).

Phoenix4725 Sat 08-Aug-09 10:28:30

yep im getting to know mine after complainging about physio, ot and salt guess need add yet another one to list.

Am feeling atm that ds will be better under the Dorset clinic , where thsi time woth pressure from them i might get what is needed but still going to struggle in the future with the service there

thank you for the kind offer have replied on the other thread.

Phoenix4725 Mon 10-Aug-09 08:21:26

After lots of thought and cussing over figures .I have decided to go with the Dorset clinic think it was the way they was more proffesional and thorough and since its going to be a ongoing issue least ds will get better care .

Ifwent back to nhs worry this time might be ok but next time beback to the sloppy subtandard care we been getting. sad

Marne Mon 10-Aug-09 08:28:21

Hi Phoenix, both my dd's go to a Dorset clinic and they have been great, dx was fast and they managed to get dd the help she needed before a dx. The only down side seems to be they have a lack of funding/money and like most places they are short on staff, we have been refussed OT for dd2 as the waiting list is so huge but if we cross the border over to sommerset we can get OT within a couple months.

Phoenix4725 Mon 10-Aug-09 08:35:06

yeah were going to have to go as private to the Dorset orthopedic clinic is that where your dd go?[[]]

Our nhs service for anything is crap in North East Esex.We see physio only twice a year and ot once a year and they are useless am wondering if worth me trying squeeze the stone harder and notch belt and find a private one just to get some proper advice

Marne Mon 10-Aug-09 11:43:51

We go to the Childrens center in Dorchester (west Dorset).

Phoenix4725 Mon 10-Aug-09 15:09:36

ah no our nhs proviso crap in north east esex hence going private

Marne Mon 10-Aug-09 20:14:53

I don't blame you, we are thinking of going private for an OT for dd2, we are waiting to see if she can see the one at her SN group which is in somerset. I hope all goes well with you ds.

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