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Help for a friend - speech and language probs

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Barmymummy Thu 06-Aug-09 18:49:04

My friend has a little girl who has just turned 4 last week. She has just completed 6 weeks of 1:1 SALT and the report arrived saying she has "significant attention & listening difficulties, delayed comprehension of instructions & linguistic concepts, delayed grammar, disordered sentence structure & phonological delay"...

Says she requires further therapy & should be placed at school action plus and on the SEN Code practice register. A therpist will contact school to determine the level of intervention req'd. Her progress must be monitored by teacher, senco, t.a & a therapist. There is no follow up appt from SALT.

My friend has no internet so is all at sea with what this all means.

Can anyone put these sentences into something meaningful and what the School Action Plus means please? Thank you!!

mumandlovingit Thu 06-Aug-09 20:11:24

my little boy is 7 today and has the same type of problems. he is school action plus which means that the school do things to help him like time with teaching assistants to do extra work for his attention/understanding/speech etc. thats the school action bit. the plus bit is where people like speech therapists etc from outside the school come in to help/assess the child.
the sen register is just a list the school keeps of children with Special Educational Needs, sen. this includes speech problems, hearing problems, behaviour, disabilities etc. it is nothing to worry about.
she sounds exactly like my little boy who now through help through the school can say full sentences and knows alot more than he did a couple of years ago. he needed help ordering sentences, understanding before/after etc and pronouncing letters righ(phonological delay)
your friend will receive IEP's from the teacher each term which are Individual Education Plans which have a list of targets they want to achieve for each area of speech/learning etc and then it says what the school are doing to help the child.

please tell her not to worry, if it has been picked up this early then the child should get the help she needs to learn well and do well in school. my child does all the same lessons as the others just has the work explained more clearly and simplified for him.
it's hard to think that your child needs extra help but as long as she is getting it it can only be a positive thing for her.

i wish her all the best

DLI Thu 06-Aug-09 20:34:24

hi my ds is nearly six and your friend's little girl sounds like my ds. The "concepts" problem i think relates to things like same/difference and first/last full/empty and things like before/after and either/or.

delayed grammar will probably be if she doesnt use the words he/she and words correctly like fast instead of faster or fastest. If someone could print off things for her to look at AFASIC have a booklet entitled activities for speak and listening - agess 3 - 7 which i found useful for my ds.

Barmymummy Thu 06-Aug-09 21:22:08

Thank you so much for your lovely posts, thats really appreciated. My own DS has speech issues so after reading this am expecting a school action for him too.

Cant tell you how much that has helped thanks. Will pass all this onto her, x

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