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First appt with peads next tues...what to expect?

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lucymum2four Wed 05-Aug-09 14:41:30

not sure if in right topic or not?

Have posted before asking advice(if anyone remenbers?) DD is 17months and slow to reach physical milestones,feet look like newborns turn in towards eachother,irratable cry,whole body goes stiff at times other times goes vacant and lip chews and is mostly cross eyed..

I have written all this and more show Dr
but bit worried that it will be dismissed. at the appt. she is under general peadiactrics although the consultant she is to see specializes in nuerology/nuerodisabilty.whilst i obiviously dont want dd to have problems. i also know in my heart somethings not right! just worried i guess. and unsure of what they'll be looking for.
Do the peads get an idea from the referall that gp sends.(does gp already have suspicions?) would anyone be able to tell me what dr would look for based on what i have said about dd..
Thanks grin

lucymum2four Wed 05-Aug-09 15:23:02


ohmeohmy Wed 05-Aug-09 16:28:10

not an expert but sure one will be along soon. Generally I have found that the more information you can give them the better. many doctors say the history is a key part of their diagnosis. Remember you are the expert in your child and if you don't feel you are getting the answers to your questions just keep asking. You can be direct without being rude.

Good idea to take a list of things you want to ask as easy to forget when getting anxious and or hassled by being kept waiting.

I would guess they will do various neuro tests (looking for normal responses) and may order more e.g. scans/EEG etc if they think it is warranted.

Hope you get the answers and assistance you are looking for

lucymum2four Wed 05-Aug-09 16:46:54

thanks ohmeohmy,

I am wondering if its nuero. would that mean some sort of brain damage?

have read things that list possible causes to be.
low birth weight.
lack of oxygen.
premuture birth.
even jaundice.
DD didnt experience any of these. but did have bad UTI at 4 weeks am thinking as similer to jaundice could it have got into blood stream and travelled to brain?
am i speculating thinking to much?
butthe closser we get to appt more things i come up with..Dh not much help seems to dissmiss everything although did admitt it hit him that wow dd is 17month and that he kept thinking of her as lil baby. and not acting as she should at 17 month. x

ohmeohmy Wed 05-Aug-09 18:15:30

Difficult not to worry but do try. My DH found it hard to accept that things were not developing right with DS even though we knew he had serious brain problems at birth. Still does sometimes.

Causes of things can be hard to determine. If the UTI had got into blood stream she would have had major sepsis and that would have been very obvious at the time I think. Neuro just means to do with the brain and the nervous system. it includes senses, reflexes, the physiology and function of the brain itself.

whatever they can tell you even if it is difficult to hear and accept, remember that it all helps you to then help your child to develop further by doing whatever it takes and getting appropriate professional support.

There are lots of people on here who have experience of specific difficulties with their kids so there will be more help here when you know more. My dd wants to send you a smiiley face so here goes grin

lucymum2four Wed 05-Aug-09 19:01:20

xx to your DD grin

lucymum2four Thu 06-Aug-09 13:57:33


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