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3Di interval, any one know about them

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jasdox Wed 05-Aug-09 11:59:09

In a couple of weeks i have a 3Di interval with a paed, not our usual one, ds awaiting ASD verdict. all i've been told is that it will take anywhere between 3-5 hours and no need for ds to be there. not really worried about it, but will have the wine on chill incase. more curious if anyone has had one or knows anything about it. Seems new, so not much information around, and will you be told immediately as to the outcome, or so you have wait. And is it best if OH goes, he does not agree with me about ds, or just go it alone as i have done so far.


anonandlikeit Wed 05-Aug-09 12:29:56

hi jasdox
DS2 (well me) had the 3di last yr.
It is a basically a big list of questions that the paed will ask, with sort of multiple choice answers.

So they may say,....Q1 does X use non verbal gestures?....A Occasionaly, never, often.
Although there are multi choice guide answers there is also the opportunity to expand ds2's psych added loads of extra notes alongside his answers. So there is room for flexibility.

I guess it took about an hour & half, BUT ds2 had already been through multi disciplinary assessment & had reports from pre school etc.

I went on my own & that seemed to work well otherwise you would need to agree on a response before the paed can record the answer.

I didn't get a full report or answer immediately ( i think the answers may be fed in to a computer for scoring) although she was able to say it looked like come areas were strongly ASD & others more borderline.

Combined with all the other assessments & reports we did end up with an ASD dx.

It is pretty painless but the wine is always welcome smile

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