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childcare & child/working tax credits????

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anonandlikeit Mon 03-Aug-09 16:41:10

After a rather frustrating "computer says no" type conversation with the tax credits people I was just wondering if everyone is in the same boat??

Before DS2 was at school fulltime the tax credits were easy, we used a (fantastic) registered childminder for DS2 & declared all her details on the tax credit form.

Now he is at school he doesn't use a childminder at all (I work school hours) But during the holidays I have to find childcare.
Suddenly sending ds2 back to a childminder just didn't work..too many changes, he wasn't familiar with her etc.
We tried over easter holidays & it was a disaster for everyone.
So now I use a combination of my mum & my young cousin who knows ds2.
I am paying my cousin as otherwise she would find a holiday job (she is at uni) & I would be without childcare

BUT because she is not a registered childcare provider I cannot claim anything back.

So my new declaration has gone from childcare c osts of about £75 per week to £0.
& i recon when i get my new figures through I will be repaying ££££££.

Its crap, I live in a rural area where childcare is hard enough to come by & no consideration is given for childcare for a disabled child where special provision may need to be made.... to sum up... its bollocks & I know we will be out of pocket again.

Has anyone found a loophole???

jubee Mon 10-Aug-09 09:20:13

God you are lucky to find someone to look after your children in the holidays. i was using a Kids Club. They advertised as taking special needs kids, but clearly no-one trained and have had to pull him out as they were always phoning me asking me to tell son off! Last straw was they would allow him to go swimming cos he had been naughty - so he had to watch while everyone else had fun and they wondered why he 'kicked off'. Have had the same problem as you and have not found loophole either. Just wondered how well you knew the childminder, maybe you could still use her registration???? Can you maybe try to use childminder gradually to get ds back to her then you would not be out of pocket. I am struggling to find a chilminder locally that will take my son, so you are lucky that you have someone close by. Good luck. yes it is all Bollocks !!!

Mitchell81 Mon 10-Aug-09 12:16:59

What about getting Direct payments?

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