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How to explain to my child why she is having blood tests?

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Minniethemoocher Mon 03-Aug-09 11:02:15

DD has learning difficulties, Dyspraxia/DCD, working diagnosis of ASD.

She has been referred for blood test for chromosomal abnormalities, including Fragile X.

How do I explain to her why they are taking blood tests?

Even brushing her hair is traumatic, I am dreading blood tests!

I have to get there an hour before, to allow them to put on anesthetic cream.

Any advice/experience of children having blood tests welcome!

I explain the paediatrics assessments to her truthfully, explaining that the doctor wants to help her get more help at school (we are going through a Statement application)

I haven't been blunt enough to say to her "you have learning difficulties" but we say to her "you have difficulties learning at school and the doctors want to understand why so that they can help you."

BeckynSteve Mon 03-Aug-09 17:52:56

when i was little, i hated having needles stuck in me, but my doctor helped me deal with it. basically, she would tell me to puff up my cheeks and chest and pretend i was a big balloon, and when she stuck the needle in, i got to make a big popping sound. I don't know if this will help with your DD, but it worked for me.

anonandlikeit Mon 03-Aug-09 18:22:49

Hi Minnie, ds2 (6) had his in March, testing for the same things.
I just told him the DR's needed to look at his blood to make sure he is healthy, TBH i don't think he understood anyway.

thay didn't use the cream as he would of either wiped it off or not tolerated a plaster to cover it anyway.
So they just went for a burst of the cold spray to briefly numb the area & then got the
It was a noisy affair, 2 nurses pinned him down & while a 3rd took the blood. I was at his head trying to comfort him.

He seemed to forget about it all very quickly.

Minniethemoocher Tue 04-Aug-09 11:26:53

Thanks for replying, I like the explantion of looking at her her blood to see if it is healthy and will try the balloon blowing, although I suspect DD will be in meltdown at that stage...

Minniethemoocher Wed 19-Aug-09 16:49:35

Quick up date - it was fine. Told DD that they wanted to check to see her blood was healthy, which she accepted.

Got there an hour before, the nurse put on a big dollop of anesthetic cream, waited an hour for it to work, during which time there was a play leader in the outpatients department, who helped to keep DD occupied.

She sat on my lap, watching a video, while the nurse took a good half a dozen vials of blood, DD didn't look, didn't feel a thing.

Now just have to wait for the results...{nail biting emoticon}

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