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chessington do`s and don`t a help please

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Phoenix4725 Mon 03-Aug-09 08:43:18

am of to chessington with ds and other dc on weds .Have got his blue badge and letter stating he has social and communicat probles as well as ld anything else i might need.Any rcommendations

Am worried they might be like Alton towers as ds can not climb stairs from ride if it was to stop they wont allow him on , know this H&S issue but im riding with ds nd hes only 4 so if worse was to hapen can lug him down but Alton towers would not accept this

silverfrog Mon 03-Aug-09 10:34:33

we go to Chessington's all the time (live just around the corner)

we only go on the smaller rides at the moment, as dd2 is too small to go on much (and would protest a LOT if we took dd1 on some of the bigger rides grin) so can only help up to a point.

I have got the exit pass info for Chessington's somewhere - will have a hut and see, and post later if I find it. I think you need something in writing sating diagnosis, and the idea is that your ds has no concept of queuing - so "just" (don't mean to belittle at all - this is thier view) using a wheelchair for eg isn't enough.

we haven't actually registered for exit passes there as we go so often (have annual passes) that we can pop in for an hour at the end of the day, when queues are tailing off, and since we are only doing the little rides there isn't a huge queue anyway.

the Sealife bit is quite good, but gets busy, crowded and noisy - echoes a lot in there.

the zoo is ok, but can be hard to see some of the animals - easier to see form the sky train, but does have stair entry/exit (quite a lot of stairs on the exit)

the dds (4 and 2) love: (all these are fairly easy entry/exit

the carousel
the flying elephant ride
the dragon boat ride (a bit tame really, but the only water bit we can all go on)
Mr Toads cars (ime less of a queue than the Tiny Truckers, for practically the same ride)
dd1 likes the Bash Street bus (dd2 too small!)
The Ferris wheel is ok, but can't see a lot really.
bubbleowrks is fab (bt has strobe lghting in case that is an issue)

I can't advise on any other rides, as dd2 just won't grow! [grin (86cm now, at 2.6 - can't wait for the extra 4cm, which will open up a whole range of rides for her)

let me know if you want any other specific info

Phoenix4725 Mon 03-Aug-09 13:16:31

thank you

ds is standing at 96cm when he stand sthat is so hoping he should be able get on a few.Will i need to keep getting him out of hischair to measure or can customer services measure then give card with his height on

HM ds has dx of social and communcation problems so hope ing the social bit should do it failing that the screams of proptest while we wait to get to customers service

hmm the sky train would you say for example you could carry your dd down the stairs ds is not to heavy at 15kg , and do you enter and exit at the same place? would I be able to leave his chair safley?.one question how hilly is it am i going to end up with arms like Arnie

Ds would love the Mr toads cars anything with wheels/boats or trains

isthere plenty of disabled toilets or baby changes have been known to hoik ds on one of them if needs changing rather than on floor of toilet

silverfrog Mon 03-Aug-09 13:49:37

iirc, there is a measuring stand outside each of the rides - I haven't seen anyone actually measuring on the way into rides (like they do at Legoland, for eg) but then we don't go ont he ones with height restrictions, so maybe that's why.

I haven't filled in forms for dd1, ut when I get around to it, I am just going to write that her ASd dx means she has no concept of queuing - works for exit passes at Legoland, so should be ok for chessington too (same group)

I have carried dd1 (she weighs about 18kg)down the exit stairs (usually end up carrying her for a bit as she wants to be the same as dd2 who gets carried around still!) - they are quite steep, but as long as you are careful and take your time it would be ok. most parents just leave buggies (I know yours isn't a buggy, but still) at the entrance to rides - just park up and off they go. I don't think there is much issue with that (have only taken buggy with us once - at Legoland - as it gets too much for dd1 to be taken in/out all the time, but we left it ok) Entry/exit for the sky train is at different places - you'd have to ask where to go, but is just around the corner form the Customer Services in Market Square, so they'd be able to direct you no problem.

At 96cm, your ds should get on loads - there's another boat ride (pirate cove one) and a couple of runaway train types - have you looked at the website? it lists all the rides by area, and states height restrictions too. I thnk there is a printable map too, so you could mark out where everyhitng is.

it's not very hiily there - some bits around the zoo are a bit sloping, but not like Legoland.

toilets wise I'm not much help, i'm afraid, as we only go for short periods, so I make sure dd2 is in cleannappy, and dd1 goes for a wee before we leave. I have been (and they weren't too clean, tbh) and I think dh ahs taken dd1 beofre, but not needed to use disabled or baby changing, sorry.

Supportman Mon 03-Aug-09 16:49:25

Have a nice time, I am off to there on Thursday. Cant really add anything thats not been said though, as would have been able to advise on some of the bigger rides.

bubblagirl Mon 03-Aug-09 16:58:36

have no advise just wanted to say i hope you all have a great time

Supportman Mon 03-Aug-09 16:59:45

Oops should have read everything a bit more carefully, for the toilets there are several dotted around with disabled access. But obviously this dosen't cater for older children and adults who need to be lifted. That said there is a first aid center and I know that at Thorpe Park they allow people to use their beds to change older children and adults, so try asking if Chessingtons would let you there. So far all the children I have taken have been able bodied so I change them standing up, but am going in a few weeks again with a child in a wheelchair so it would be intresting to know how you got on.

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