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rude comments!

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sarah876 Sat 01-Aug-09 17:15:37

Im having a difficult time at the moment. My mother is very ill with cancer my partner is finding my son difficult and the combo is stressing me out. My son is being assessed for aspergers syndrome.....he is 12 yrs old 5.9" got the typical teenage look ,,,long hair etc, the problem is is hes attitude, he really doesnt give a dam. He does not except any of the arguments (siblings) as hes own doing...the younger to end up getting physically hurt, he winds them up to the point of insanity. He used to get to me but because I know that he probably sees the world different ive backed off. My partner however finds my son very difficult to deal with. He asked the children to take off their shoes when they cam in and my son just said na dont bother, you know simon loves cleaning...dont ya simon you love cleaning...and although this statement is partially true it was the disrespect and the fact my son didnt pick up that he had upset simon even when he said that he had. My son is getting rude to all of us and more difficult to handle.....please reassure me that this is normal for aspergers children because if there wasnt such a thing i would think he was a bordering psycopath harsh i know but thats how t feels

sickofsocalledexperts Sat 01-Aug-09 19:29:28

I think rude and disrepectful behaviour like this is out of order whether aspergers or not. I have an asd son and an aspergers teenage step daughter, but she would not be allowed to get away with talking to anyone like this or hurting other children. Change password on computer as punishment or something that will register with him? Mind you, teenagers are pretty much a pain all ways round so you have my full sympathy!

asdx2 Sat 01-Aug-09 20:42:11

Have to say asd or not rudeness and bad behaviour isn't tolerated in this house.
Put up a list of house rules and the consequences of breaking them then be firm and consistent.
Loss of screen time works well in this house as does loss of pocket money.
You need to be stepping forward not backing off and getting his behaviour in hand. Because he doesn't instinctively know what's acceptable you need to put in firm boundaries with consequences each time he oversteps the mark.

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