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Books On CP

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chinchi Sat 01-Aug-09 08:10:47

Morning everyone

I was just browsing a couple of well known book sites (not sure if naming is allowed on here!), and came across a selection of books on CP.

One was 'Teaching Motor Skills To A Child With CP'. Has anyone ever read this book, or can anybody recommend anything worth reading?

sarah293 Sat 01-Aug-09 10:17:25

Message withdrawn

badkitty Sat 01-Aug-09 10:24:19

I have it and have found it really good, although I guess as Riven says it does not deal with more severe CP. I started using some of the exercises for tummy time and head control when DS was really little when we were still waiting for physio and I think they were brilliant for him - at least, now I can't get him off his tummy and he is desperately trying to crawl so they obviously had some effect! It also has really good stories in it and it quite good at explaining the motor problems faced by children with CP and has helped me understand a bit more. It is quite positive I think unlike some books I have read so I like it. Also there is one called Cerebral Palsy: a handbook for parents or something which is a bit american but otherwise v good and again quite positive.

glitteryb6 Sat 01-Aug-09 10:49:15

i went thru a wee spell of buying these books and have...

Teaching motor skills to children with CP
Handling the young child with CP at home
The CP handbook
Children with CP A parents guide

the biggest problem with most of these books is there is too much text and i dont have the spare time to sit and read!

of them all "Teaching motor skills to children with CP" is probably the most useful as it has photographs rather than line drawings so seems more obvious although i agree that the child does need to have some motor skills/head control to begin with

HairyMaclary Sat 01-Aug-09 19:54:32

We have Nancy Finnie's 'Handling the young child with CP at home'. It has been very useful and one of the things that made me really accept that Ds had a problem. He looked exactly like some of the pictures! It was very good for incorporating physio into everyday routines. We still do them now.

chinchi Sun 02-Aug-09 07:09:08

Thankyou for the replies. Thankfully DS's CP is mild, so the book could be quite appropriate.

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