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9 months at cahms are we any closer to dx

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uddy Fri 31-Jul-09 11:27:17

hi all please help! my ds has been in process of assessment for adhd and aspergers for last 9months.

he has had an observation in school a few weeks ago and we have an appointment next week does anyone know next step of process or have any idea of how much longer to dx?

has anyone got any advice as to what to ask at meeting? ive been fighting to get to this stage for 5 years and ive runout of new things to say

thanks all please help

Marne Fri 31-Jul-09 13:10:39

Hi, both my dd's have been diagnosed, one with Aspergers and one with ASD, dd1's assessment took 2 years, dd2's took just over a year. I think it depends what area you are in. We had to see speech therapist, peadatrition and clinical psychiatrist and then we had to wait for them to all get together to discus a dx.

uddy Sat 01-Aug-09 11:44:46

we dont need a speech therapist.seen peadiatrician and clinical psyc,educational psyc, child psyc been at camhs for 9months school dont help always excluding him saying they cant cope with his needs camhs had a nightmare trying to arrange an obs in school but atleast camhs now see school are making matters worse but nobod tells us anything.
my other 3 kids are finding home life really hard now it would be nice to find some support for them. does anyone have any idea of any sources of help for them ? we are in worcestershire.

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