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recommendations for child psychiatrist in London?

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iwearflairs Wed 29-Jul-09 23:35:08

It is the only part of DS's assessment that has never been done and we have been avoiding it for ages. I am beginning to think there are things I would like to ask someone but really really don't want to go and ask myself what the hell did I go to that for? at the end of it. Esp as DS will find it wierd.

Can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in London who they really rate? I ahve been given names of Daphne Keen, Peter Hill and Laurence Sheldon.

Anyone met these and had good experiences?


bigdonna Mon 03-Aug-09 08:52:00

i have read on other threads that daphne keen is very good i am going to ring her to assess my ds so good luck.

Deeeja Mon 03-Aug-09 09:32:38

I have met Daphne Keen,she is excellent and has a very good rapport with chldren, but she is a developmental paediatrician rather than a child psychiatrist. My boys see a very good child psychiatrist, he is a local nhs one, while he is excellent he is based in Redbridge, and does private work in Essex. His name is Ralph Littlejohn, and is the best asd/adhd specialist in my area, is lovely with chidren and very understanding and helpful in lots of ways to do with my childrens care. He has alot of influence re statementing etc.
There may be someone local in your area, you could ask around at local support groups, they will know all the info.
Hope that was helpful.

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