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Anyone been to tribunal about statement problems?

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staryeyed Tue 28-Jul-09 17:17:44

Finalised statement is not specific as it should be so Im taking the next steps. I did phone the IPSEA tribunal line but Id like to hear some peoples personal experiences. Its all got a bit much again and Im not really sure what Im doing. I know my first step is to log the appeal. but do I need to/should I seek legal advice. Will this be expensive?

WetAugust Tue 28-Jul-09 19:19:14

No experience of appearing in front of a Tribunal as we resolved it after lodging the appeal.

IPSEA have a very comprehensive information pack on their website about lodging an appeal.

I used a solictitor to prepare our submission for the Tribunal but, in retrospect, that was something I could have done myself. It just consisted of a chronology and a justification of why we wanted the provision we did, using evidence from Ed Pysch reports etc to underpin our case.

If fubds are limited I would suggest that you spent them on getting private Ed Pysch / Clinologist's reports to submit to the Tribunal and if necessary asking those people to apear as your witnesses.

Tribunals are supposed to be easily accisible to the lay person - that's the theory anyway but it doesn't stop the LEA turning up mob-handed with a full legal team. You probably know more about your child's individual situation than any solicitor - you just need to lear the basic points of law re specialist provision and that's where the IPSEA pack becomes invaluable as it leads you through the process step by step.

Best wishes

staryeyed Wed 29-Jul-09 12:24:11

The issues I am arguing about is fluffy parts that dotn mean much

SALT "up to 6 weeks per term"

OT - states that he need a plan without any reference to who will provide it and how often it will be reviewed "as needed".

and "PECS trained" rather than "attended PECS pyramid basic course".

Is there any independent advocacy services that can help me through this process? Im feeling so confused by it all. WHat professionals would I need to get on board? Would they have to attend as whitnesses? At what point do I get DS assessed by these professionals? What about those proposal for changing the way SENDIST tribunals work making it much harder for parents) What if I successfully get these changes made and then the School (who had said they would trial him) say that they dont think he is suitable (becasue they cant meet his needs)? Im not even sure Im arguing for the right things- The PECS stuff is vital. The SALT now is quite pointless, Ds is non verbal and v limited understanding, if not involving PECS) but later on he will need it, but how would anyone know how much? OT is needed but he doesnt necessarily need hands on support just a plan to follow. In the back of my mind I keep thinking its all much of a muchness because he really need to go to an ABA school like Treehouse because every provision we have received so far from the borough has been substandard. We can not afford the legal battle to get him in there. so we have already settled.sad

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