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So...what is it about shoe shops??!!

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Barmymummy Tue 28-Jul-09 16:33:21

DS (4) HATES shoe shopping!! Had a none too pleasant experience again today trying to get his some trainers.

If I take him to Brantano (ie very large shop with no one helping other than us) he isn't too bad at all. Tried lots of pairs on before he got bored and too much of a handful to carry on but to be fair any NT would have too!

So! Cue Clarks in town, much smaller shop. There were 3 other families in there and I guess we had to wait 10 mins at the most. He was bouncing off the walls, bumping into me alot, making very silly annoying noises, crawling all over the seats and generally being very irritating lol! When the lady put shoes on him he laid down but will follow the instructions to stand up, walk over there etc no probs. He has no worries about people touching his feet nor any sensory probs regarding shoes or socks.

When I asked him after why he hates shoe shops he says its too noisy. He says the people are noisy. Now I realise I am not him but there really wasn't anything noisy in there at all.

Why does he react like this particularly in shoe shops? Is it the waiting? The noise? I know shoe shopping is a no-go for lots of kids with ASD but wondered why?

BriocheDoree Tue 28-Jul-09 16:56:18

Hmmm...'fraid DD is the exact opposite. Loves shoe shopping (so long as we don't have to wait too long). Adores buying new shoes and prancing up and down in them. Very particular about her clothes too, must be pretty dresses...Must be a girl thing..?

sickofsocalledexperts Tue 28-Jul-09 18:32:09

Shoe shops are a nightmare for me too, with DS aged 6 and ASD - I don't know why, suppose it's because it's the only place where you have to wait, and where there are lots of other perfectly behaved children around also waiting! I tell them in Clarks now that DS is autistic, and also once I have his size I just go in a buy shoes in that size or a half up for a year, to cut down on the trauma of many visits. I come out feeling so hassled. Only tip is to go in at 9am before the other families arrive.

debs40 Tue 28-Jul-09 19:09:08


I've the same problem with DS (6) who has a real problem with shoes and socks.

He seems really sensitive about his feet and likes his shoes and socks very snug so lace ups are the only option really

I end up buying shoes I think he might like in his size from Russell and Bromley/Clarks and trying them at home. You can then take them back if they're not right

It's much less stressful and after watching assistants fit shoes for the last 6 years on both my kids, I feel I've become a dab hand at making sure the size is right!

waitingforgodot Tue 28-Jul-09 19:49:51

I bought a foot measure thing from the Start rite website. I now measure him if he is in the mood or failing that when he's asleep!

mysonben Tue 28-Jul-09 22:43:30

Took ds (3.9, asd) shoe shopping a couple of weeks ago, he needed a brand new pair of proper shoes for my sil 's wedding, and he hates proper shoes, he likes only wellies and trainers.
It was a nightmare he was creating, whining , crying each time i tried to put a pair of shoes on his feet, he kept running off hiding behind another aisle, and getting the shoes off the shelves to "play" with them (he always did that when he was quite little ,loved lining them up! wink) ... same thing with slippers, he will not even try them on , let alone wear them! So at home he goes around bare feet.

Sorry no good advice to give you as i'm in a similar boat, but waitingforgot got a good idea with the foot measurer!

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