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ffs dd is so G&T she is driving me up the wall

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2shoes Tue 28-Jul-09 15:07:14

if she asks me to put her on her sodding toilet seat one more time I will

Goblinchild Tue 28-Jul-09 15:35:54

And breeeeattthhhe!
It's amazing so many children live to adulthood, considering the level of irritation and annoyance they can provoke in perfectly reasonable people.
Superglue her bum to the seat?
Or just scream very loudly.

2shoes Tue 28-Jul-09 15:38:06

she is now helping ds on sims so 5 mins peace

HelensMelons Tue 28-Jul-09 15:40:31

My throat's still sore from becoming the exorcist last night when I had to put DS2 in the shower again coz his .. well never mind ... aagghhhh!

HelensMelons Tue 28-Jul-09 15:41:33

Sorry x posted - glad you've got 5 mins (a very precious 5 mins!)

Goblinchild Tue 28-Jul-09 15:42:21

Make the most of it,
Grab a quick mars bar, listen to a favourite track and head-bang, run mad in the garden with twigs in your hair and howl.
Then go back to being a grown-up.

2shoes Tue 28-Jul-09 16:52:50

whats the betting she won't sleep tonight!!!!!
this is a new thig(yet docs say there is no link to her new meds!!)

HelensMelons Tue 28-Jul-09 19:10:26

Fingers crossed that she will sleep x

I've just given my dc's some chocolate and coke to make up for my exorcist behaviour last night ... bit of a mistake ... dd3 has gone nuts. Oops.

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