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Schools/Centres for children with mutliple impairments

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sassafrassj Mon 27-Jul-09 20:33:23

My niece was born at 27 weeks(+ 4 days) gestation and is now 16 months. She was born in Ukraine and got very poor care.

She has had multiple eye surgeries but will likely have very low vision. She also seems to have some CP (though it is as yet undiagnosed, but seeing a neurologist this week). This week her parents have discovered that she also has signficant hearing loss. (The extent and whether she's a candidate for cochlear implants is not yet clear).

They are considering relocating from Ukraine (thank god) to London, or elsewhere where they can find a place to get better care.

Are there centres that specialise in integrated care for children with multiple disabilities? (They presumably would not be eligible for NHS at least right away and would be paying)shock.

Any help in how to go about figuring this out would be very, very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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