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autism and hallucinations/distress about things not there that he thinks are etc??

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jennybensmummy Sun 26-Jul-09 21:12:10

please help, does anyone else have a child who has done this. my ds is 3 and a half and autistic with no imagination so its not that hes just making these things up im positive of that. a few wks ago he started pointing at things that were not there. now he has been not sleeping terrifid of things that dont even make sense in a right panic he talks absolute nonsense. his speech is not great but not too bad now he can get points across with speech and pecs though has started saying random things that i think he surely knows (from other things he knows etc) arent right, but he gets very upset over them etc. i could give loads of examples of these so i wont bore you, but one is well his garbled language translates to "the car hasnt had its dinner help" and another is "i need to clean my books it has peas on it" - neither are at all true obviously and he says this nonsense for hours sometimes!!

he has a diagnosis of autism, a "we will definately be looking to diagnose adhd when hes 5", and a dcd diagnosis (developmental coordination disorder - different term for dyspraxia, dont know if its newer way of saying it or soemthing, was told its the same!)

so anyone know if this is normal and i should stop worrying?

jennybensmummy Sun 26-Jul-09 21:15:45

also he points and says things are there when they arent like "a dog" pointing at sky and no clouds and no imagination to find pics in clouds anyway!!

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