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and today ds1 has (big boast alert)

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sodit Fri 24-Jul-09 09:52:24

ds1 2.11 has learnt to count. He has been able to recognise numbers and put them in order 0-10 but we have been counting out a number of beads up to 10. eg can i have 8 red beads which he then counts out. Of course he has lots of chocolate buttons and silly mummy dances.
Yesterday he ate some peas (nasty green things) and followed the instruction to stick his fingers up daddys nose when he fell asleep snoring on the sofa - this instruction was given without sitting in front of him or saying his name first - didnt think he would hear me, but now he tries to do it all the time as it made mummy laugh LOADs when he did it.

smallwhitecat Fri 24-Jul-09 14:43:12

Message withdrawn

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