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Second paed. appointment brought forward...why?

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mysonben Thu 23-Jul-09 22:55:26

Got the appointment letter today. Next meeting with the paed was to be scheduled for the autumn ( in october she had said).
Now it is booked on the 12th of august!??? shock

All sorts of questions going through my mind...
Is it because she finaly got the reports from senco, salt and nursery and it's not good news! sad (all mentions of obsessive and ritualistic behaviours, poor social skills, sli,...)?
Or is it because she's been informed that ds is due to be assessed by an Ed.Psych. soon or later following senco referal (we're on waiting list)?

At the first meeting back in April , she gave a verbal dx of "mild asd", she said she would "put senco on the case", and wanted reports concerning ds' speech, and social skills.
Then concluded this first appointment by saying she wanted to give ds a few more months ('til october) to see if any positive development of his speech would have a favourable impact on his social interactions.

On the report that followed the appointment, she mentioned the asd, and wrote the next appointment would be a review to discuss if there is a need for a formal autistic assessment. (i assume this depending on the observations made by senco, salt, and nursery staff)

Do you think she wants to see us earlier because the reports were bad news and she wants ds to be formally assessed?

I'm so worried.
I was looking forward to a couple of months of breathing space with no senco, no EP, no paed. , no more observations and reports. Now it's all gone tits'up , in less than 3 weeks the dreaded paed. appointment is looming! sad

debs40 Thu 23-Jul-09 23:29:12

This might just be a standby/cancellation because of holidays. Put your mind at rest - ring up and ask!

mysonben Thu 23-Jul-09 23:44:22

Thanks debs40,
Yes i might just do that and call.
Didn't think it could be due a cancellation due to hols. blush i tend to panic first , then think logically.

I was a bit surprised thought because the paed.'s plan was to give ds a bit longer to see if any improvements, iykwim?
But i guess it's only 2 months between august and october so wouldn't make that much difference anyway.

I think deep down i don't want things to move too fast give myself extra time to accept it all.

amberflower Fri 24-Jul-09 20:12:08

It could also be a general admin mix up i.e. you are supposed to be seen in October but they've got in a muddle...

But hard for you whatever the reason, I know exactly what you mean about feeling you need more time. Then again, I guess better have it brought forward than moved back and back and back with DS not getting the support he needs...

jemmm Fri 24-Jul-09 20:50:01

If it helps exactly the same thing happened to us - and it was just a annual leave thing.

They're a lot of people all queuing to see the same person, and they have annual leave requirements like the rest of us, and people cancel or move or whatever else...

Debs is right though - call - put your mind at rest - there's nothing worse than uncertainty.

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