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Is Juliaw around?

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jemmm Thu 23-Jul-09 16:07:58

Hi Julia,

I'm right in thinking you're in Harrogate? You recently mentioned wanting to go on Earlybird I think?

Well I have details of a course in Harrogate that starts in the Autumn "hopefully" - if you c-a-m me, I'll let you have details of the guy I have as a contact.


juliaw Thu 23-Jul-09 23:35:27

thanks, yes am in harrogate. if its the neil e (?) guy we have been in touch with him and recently heard from the Outreach team - Julie Wilson - apparently they will send out the letters in sept and it will be on friday mornings as yet unspecified! We got our diagnosis 2 weeks ago so now qualify. Thanks for thinking of us though. Hopefully get to meet you on the course.

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