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day one of the hols, dd is crying because

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2shoes Thu 23-Jul-09 12:00:17

her mama mia cd has finished and ds has put the tv on(we have heard it twice)
oh the joys

Woooozle100 Thu 23-Jul-09 12:33:22

2shoes - yr just going to have to sing abba over the tv noise to console her

BriocheDoree Thu 23-Jul-09 12:36:31

Aw bless smile.
Could be's day 20 of the holidays here...we get 9 weeks off and I'm exhausted already!
DD was in a playscheme for this week but I took her out after two days as she didn't like it and they didn't know what to do with her - completely clueless, even though I'd explained about her SN!

2shoes Thu 23-Jul-09 13:49:21

shit, my mouth hurts and I now have a dentist appointment and I amd so scared of the dentist

2shoes Thu 23-Jul-09 14:19:31

does no one care??? the dentist I said the DENTIST

sc13 Thu 23-Jul-09 14:59:12

I care - I hate the dentist - I hope it all went well!

Woooozle100 Thu 23-Jul-09 15:32:19

I'd prefer the dentist to mamma mia

2shoes Thu 23-Jul-09 16:15:55

well that was fun
now have these really strong anti biotics, so first 6 days of summer holiday with out a drink,,,,,,,,,,,,,

feelingbetter Thu 23-Jul-09 22:04:24

I sympathise. Was kept waiting for 90mins for a hospital appointment recently and they had that bloody CD playing in the waiting room the whole time.
I almost lost the will to live.

I like the dentist hmm

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