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DS stressed about school - teacher grabbed his arm mmmmm.. [sad]

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debs40 Thu 23-Jul-09 09:15:04

DS 1 (6) has been off for two days with a sore throat.

I encouraged him to go in today even though he has been getting stressed at the end of term (he's undergoing assessment for ASD.

He has two teachers. One is deputy head and the SENCO.

At the parents' eve last week, we chatted through the strategy for helping DS with his routines, anxieties etc.

Today, I drop him off and he didn't want to go into class. The walls are bare already and the kids were being a bit bonkers. He was anxious as he'd been off.

I led him over to his teacher (the SENCO) and explained. He looked a bit stressed but he grabbed DS's arm and held it.

DS reached out to me and the teacher made to grab his other arm too and said 'come on Nye'.

DS looked a bit panicked so I talked to him about playing outside etc and he was ok and went off to put his water bottle and bag away.

But, and you can tell me if I'm being too sensitive, is that the right way to deal with the situation? What if DS had continued to refuse? Once you start grabbing them, you leave yourself with nowhere to go

hercules1 Thu 23-Jul-09 09:27:55

You are being sensitive. He is one out of 30 and the teacher was doing what they thought best in that split second. I have been very grateful when dd's breakfast club leader and childminder have grabbed her off me on the odd occasion when she has been too upset to leave me.

I appreciate it may not have been the best decision for a child with sen but it doesnt sound like it was done with anything but good intentions.

NExt year make sure you and his teacher have a strategy in place for this.

debs40 Thu 23-Jul-09 09:31:51

You're probably right. It was a split second thing and I could see that he was flustered with the other kids.

I know it wasn't done with malice but I suppose I just compare that reaction with his other teacher. She is very good at calming him and encouraging him to come in at his own pace and it only usually takes a couple of minutes.

Maybe it was just more surprising because of that and because this bloke is the SENCO and deputy head. It sort of looks more aggressive from a man too if that makes sense

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