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adhd medication to help asd child sleep?????

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BONKERZ Wed 22-Jul-09 14:35:09

Ds has atypical autism and ODD as well as anxiety issues.
for about 2 years now we ave really struggled with sleep and after trying everything possible to help DS we have finally agreed to medicate with melatonin, he will start tomorrow on 4mg dose in the evenings.
The psych has said he will review after 6 weeks BUT wants me to consider using ritalin to help DS.
Psych says new evidence has been found to suggest that ritalin type medication when taken at night can help autistic children to settle and sleep better and also help any behavioural issues that may occur in the mornings.

Im wary, this is the same psyche who asked me if i would accept ADHD as a DX for DS after just 20 minutes of meeting DS, he denied anything was wrong with DS and told me it was a bonding issue and not ASD.
Part of me thinks he is suggesting this medication to try to prove he was right at the start BUT ds does not have ADHD.
does anyone know anything about this at all????

drlove8 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:41:11

bonkers , i have two kids on melatonin .... dd4 -gdd/suspected autism, and ds3 adhd. RITALIN is no longer the drug of choice for adhd kids- it has too many nasty side effects....ds3 is medicated , but still has 9mg of melatonin every night to get him to sleep....i would not give ritalin to my child it can cause heart failure...(although that extream cases) should never be given to a child under 7.
good luck with the melatonin , its fab and if you get the correct dose/ type it works brilliantly! ... ask for both types - fast release to get ds asleep and slow release to keep him asleep.grin

BONKERZ Wed 22-Jul-09 16:51:21

thanks for the advice.
i have been googling but cant find te research that doc talked about today. i know it wasnt ritalin he suggested trying but a similar drug but i cant remember the name, it began with a C but isnt the one listed IYKWIM.
DS has been prescribed melatonin in liquid form not sure what type though, got to go pick it up tomorrow as it had to be ordered in.

sickofsocalledexperts Wed 22-Jul-09 17:03:04

It could be concerta? I am trying my DS out on strattera, and so far so good. It is for ADHD but it is not "speed" based like ritalin.

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