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new product range for those on gf/cf diet

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sphil Wed 22-Jul-09 11:57:09

here. It's a new company doing a range of mixes - bread, cakes, pancakes etc which are soya free as well as gf/cf. Even better for us, they seem to be egg free too! Advertised in Observer Food mag this week - I've looked on the site and the mixes look great, though no prices yet and could be expensive. Range will be in major supermarkets in Aug apparently.

Just nice to see someone doing some decent food DS2 will be able to eat - and gives me a much better chance of expanding his range and providing food he can take to parties etc.

silverfrog Wed 22-Jul-09 12:06:56

Looks good, thanks. Will keep an eye out.

How is ds2 doing? Hope he is feeling better

r3dh3d Wed 22-Jul-09 14:01:07

They mostly seem to contain dairy, though?

sphil Wed 22-Jul-09 17:11:19

Do they shock? I didn't see that.

sphil Wed 22-Jul-09 17:14:59

Have just looked again. They don't say 'dairy free' (or egg free for that matter) on their 'free from' lists, but when I checked the ingredients I couldn't see anything - except cocoa butter in the chocolate cakes (which I'm never sure about in fact - is it dairy or not?blush).

sphil Wed 22-Jul-09 17:18:44

SF - DS2 seems fine now. School are still reporting him asking to go to loo more often, but I think he's realised it's something that can remove him from a difficult situation (ie. work!) and take him to a room with full length mirrors, which he loves!
He did it in the supermarket to me today - insisted he needed to go, then couldn't squeeze out a drop and started capering about in front of the mirror, laughing like a drain.

silverfrog Wed 22-Jul-09 17:29:02

Sphil, you haven't got any Northern roots have you? I am seriously beginning to wonder whether we are related in some way - that is exactly what dd1 does wrt going to the loo too! Yet more evidence that our 2 are twins! grin

Dd1 has also realised that by saying "need a wee" she is virtually guaranteed my attention - cue her asking every time she is a bit bored...

I'm glad mini-sphil is feeling better

sphil Thu 23-Jul-09 23:15:43

I'm an eighth Scottish grin.

DS2 did it again to me today - once in the library when DS1 was registering for Quest Seekers - " ToilET! ToiLET! " piercing the peaceful hush and once when we were in a shop hmm. He managed a tiny wee each time but I can't believe he was desperate. Trouble is, I'm not quite brave enough to call his bluff...

silverfrog Fri 24-Jul-09 01:13:33

Ah, I'm not so far north - only Yorkshire grin

dd1 did the library thing to me last week, and it is a regular feature wherever we go. We went to a children,
's festival at legoland last weekend (she got to see her beloved Mr Tumble) and she must have gone every 30 mins or so. Thankfully she has delegated the loo stops to dh when out and about so he got to negotiate the delights of the portaloos grin grin

like you, we are not quite brave e ough to call her bluff when out (have done a couple of times at home,
and she has wet herself so need to sort this out at some point, as gut feel says it is down to control not need iyswim)

sphil Tue 28-Jul-09 22:52:09

I think I'm going to contact dr again, as it's still going on and he's also doing an awful lot of willy-pulling! We've just come back from camping and he was in and out of the toilet tent every fifteen minutes or so. Also kept asking to go in a playground where he was really enjoying himself, so not so sure it's manipulative behaviour any more.

On a positive and totally unrelated note, he offered his ice cream to DH this weekend - first time he's EVER shared food willingly and voluntarily. Seems like a big step!

silverfrog Wed 29-Jul-09 09:08:32

great about the sharing grin

without wanting to trivialise, as obviously you know your ds and his behaviour si seeming odd to you, etc, etc, but do you think that maybe ds2 has just "discovered" his willy?

when dd1 first trained she was forever fiddling about, and I wondered whether she had an infection (as had nbeen holding on too long etc through fear of the toilet) as she was always fidgetting, hoding on to her bits, and digging around blush etc. Hwoever, it would seem she is just having fun...

maybe your ds is trying to get access to his bits more often? is he actually going to the loo each time he asks? dd1 asks ALL the time - sometimes she actually needs to go (she usually manages to squeeze out a drop or two anyway, for a choc drop), sometimes it is part of a routine - eg after meals/before we leave the house (whether she actually needs to go or not, she goes because that is when she goes, iyswim). sometimes it is due to boredom (might as well get everyone to jump to attention, and get some choc too - bonus!) and soemtimes due to insecurity. I've noticed recently if she is unsure of what is happening, she reverts to "wee in toilet". presumably becuae it is a set routine - most toilets are similar enough, and she knows what will happen/be said to her, etc. It is almost becoming her new comfort blanket, and we need to get a handle on that 9along with the control.manip[ulation side of things)

As I said before, not wanting to downplay it at all, but htought I'd add my ramblings as our two are often quite similar in behaviours (to say the least grin)

sphil Wed 29-Jul-09 21:39:30

I think you may be right - we've had a very boring rainy day inside today and DS2 hasn't been to the loo any more than usual. It may be that camping, with its change of routine, is more stressful for him than it seems - he doesn't show stress outwardly very much at all, so it's easy to miss subtle signs of anxiety.

DH and I were musing whether the fiddling may be a clothes issue - he does it more when he's in loose shorts - and (according to DH) this can make it feel as if everything's swinging about a bit blush. (Good job he never reads MN!).

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