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A hell of a day! i feel guilty now ...

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mysonben Tue 21-Jul-09 21:51:05

DS is in bed , so is dd.
And i feel like the worst mum.
I have been shouting at them (especially ds) all day long. blush

DH has been putting a new floor down across the whole of downstairs and everything was upside down.
DH wanted us out of the way, so i took the kids upstairs thinking they were going to play in their room hmm... fool me!
ds was running round shutting all the doors , jumping on my bed, filling up the sink in the batroom and getting water everywhere, emptying the airing cupboard as i was trying to tidy it up, whislt dd was getting everything out of my bedside cabinet,... a total nightmare!!!

Then i got fed up , i was hoping the rain would stop so i could take them to the park but no chance.
Back dowstairs , havoc again , they were constantly in DH 's feet, or touching the tools ,... we were both yelling at them.
Now dd is still a baby at 14 m, and ds is 3y 8m , but asd , and DH and i sometime "forget" that ds can be difficult and doesn't listen to us very well, and that he can't help being a bit naughty when we are not giving our full attention, plus i think his over excitability today was also due to the chaos in the house , the new floor,...

DH and i need to be more patient , and when we get stressed out we just cannot find the calmness and patience ds deserves. sad

HelensMelons Tue 21-Jul-09 22:39:14

It's tough isn't it? Sounds like a particularly crap day today. Sending a virtual hug before I crawl into bed - after a similarly crap and stressful day as you mysonben!

hereidrawtheline Tue 21-Jul-09 22:58:58

I so know what you mean. I have been there a million times when I catch myself expecting DS to behave in a way he cant. You are so not a crap Mum though!!!! You love your DC, so much, obviously! You are only human.

mysonben Wed 22-Jul-09 00:20:22

Yes i do love them so so much, smile. I just wish i could always find the patience to keep calm and not shout when faced with the non stop naughtiness of ds on a bad day like today!

Sometimes i think "he 's doing it on purpose to wind me up!", he will not listen , we say something to him again and again, and he will ignore us or still do it as soon as our back is turned, or he "forgets" and does it again the next day!
It is so hard to keep calm at times.
Thankfully generally ds is not naughty like he was today.
Let's hope tomorrow is a better day grin

Thanks for reading. smile

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